10 Best Suits For Robin In Gotham Knights

In Gotham Knights, players can use different suits to change how the Bat-family looks. The best ones for Robin are these.

In Gotham Knights, the Batfamily is made up of four of Batman’s apprentices and friends who have to work together when the city is in danger. Every good comic book video game has a lot of different costumes to choose from, and Warner Brothers Games has given players a lot of options for each playable character.

Tim Drake, the third and current Robin, is no different, and Robin has a lot of options when he goes out on the field. But not every costume is the same. Some are better for the boy genius than others.

New Guard

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Robin doesn’t always wear gray and white, but when he does, the zip-up hoodie goes well with some of Red Hood’s designs. The only real problem with this suit and a few others like it is that the gray and red color scheme is usually associated with Damian Wayne, a different Robin.

Even though he is Batman’s real son and wasn’t in Gotham Knights, it’s a nice touch that he has some effect on this group game in some way.


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The Titan suit is a stylized, armored version of Robin’s famous DC Comics suit, specifically Tim’s suit when he was with the Titans and Young Justice. This is a great take on the classic Robin design in terms of the cape, colors, and overall shape.

The high-end collar and flared shirt top remind Tim of when he worked against Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins and when they tried to get him to join them. It doesn’t bring all of these things together perfectly, but it stays true to Robin’s spirit.


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When the conditions are right, minimalism can work. Tim’s Knighthood suit is all black and gray, with bright green accents. This is a design idea that Robins has used before, and it works well.

The mix of matte and shiny materials gives the lack of colors depth and visual variety. This shows that even if there are no colors, vigilantes can do it in style.

Neon Noir

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A different kind of suit for Tim, with a cutoff jacket and pants that remind us of Jason Todd, but still in the bright greens and yellows that are typical of Tim Drake.

The cut-outs for the eyes can look a little strange on their own, but they don’t make this suit less useful as a whole. If it had a little more red to balance out the yellow, it would have been easy to be at the top of this list.


image 22

The red, green, and yellow colors that are the band’s trademark, with black and unpainted gun-metal slivers in between. Tim’s love of gadgets and technology goes well with the cyberpunk style, and the helmet looks good with the metal armor on his upper body and limbs.

The only problem is that Tim’s torso doesn’t have as much armor or design as his arms and head. It looks pretty plain.

Knight Ops

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Tim had a new costume and name for a short time in the comics. He went by the name “Drake,” which is a type of duck and also Tim’s legal last name. Real subtle, Robin.) for just a few months.

This short-lived change in name and uniform has become a running joke about Tim, so seeing a more practical and stylish version of that costume in Happy Wheels game shows how much the developers care about the DC mythos.


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As the name suggests, the Privateer suit is not a pirate-themed costume. Instead, it is based on another Robin suit worn by Damian Wayne in the comics.

The red and gray colors look good with the black undersuits, and the bat symbol domino mask looks great with it. Even though it’s on the wrong Robin, the style works just fine.


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The Eternal suit is another nod to the DC Comics source material. It takes some ideas from Tim’s vigilante name, Red Robin, and combines them into a single piece that fits the Gotham Knights art style perfectly.

The Eternal suit does justice to Tim’s most popular non-Robin suit by doubling down on reds, grays, and blacks instead of using green. If players want to play as Robin in Gotham Knights, they almost have to have this suit.


image 26

Even though it’s not a Robin suit, it’s still a beautiful outfit. Tim’s Talon outfit uses purples, blues, and gold instead of the usual Robin colors, which shows that Talons are the opposite of the people they are made from.

Even without Tim Drake’s usual flair, the Talon outfit is beautiful and intimidating to watch in action. Nothing would make the criminals of Gotham more afraid than if a Talon came out of the shadows.


image 27

When it comes to superhero outfits, the classics are always the best, and Tim Drake’s Robin outfit is no different. Tim’s Robin suit has had the same red torso, yellow cape, and green pants since he wore it for the first time in 1990.

Gotham Knights does a great job of recreating his famous outfit, and no other outfit looks as good when you swing across rooftops or sneak-punch a bad guy.

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