4-Step Guide To Launch Your Multi-Service Business with Gojek Clone App

The Gojek Clone app is the world’s best app that offers one of the highest numbers of services! The platform proffers 82+ on-demand services to customers who love shopping online, getting stuff delivered to their doorstep, and even getting haircuts at home. Moreover, this on-demand multi-service app offers numerous features to make service booking via the application easier. 

If you are looking for something similar for your multi-service app, why not purchase the Gojek-like clone app script? Let’s discuss the simple steps to develop your on-demand app solution like Gojek in 4 easy steps. 

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Launch a Multi-service Business with Gojek Clone App 

Developing and launching a perfect multi-service app is challenging because the internet has hundreds of open-source scripts. But are these open-source scripts reliable? I’d say no. Although they are cost-effective, none can beat the quality and affordability of a genuine white-label multi-delivery app solution! Therefore, we have compiled a 4-step process to develop and launch a Gojek-like fully-fledged, mature, and optimized app! 

1. Gojek clone app trial 

Trying the demo app will open many windows to help you build a perfect app in one go! You can get the app tailored according to your preferences and clarify doubts regarding the app’s workflow. 

A demo app trial will also help you feel confident that you’re putting your money into the right business solution. In short, arranging considerable time into trying the app can save you from investing in a regretful business solution. 

P.S.: Ensure that the demo app trial is available for free. If it isn’t, don’t fall for whatever the sellers are trying to convince you because they can be potential fraudsters! 

2. Notifying the team about your requirements 

While trying the demo app, you might have come across requirements for modification or integration into the final app. At this stage, you must discuss those with the assigned Project Manager. The Manager will consider your necessities and prepare the Scope Document.

The single document consists of information regarding the deliverables and a detailed breakdown of the cost of the Gojek Clone app script. It’s the correct time to make the final purchase decision! 

3. Apps undergo development and test procedure! 

The app development team starts working on your project the next day you purchase the package. They’ll integrate everything you want into the app and remove whatever you don’t. After the development, the team uploads the apps for review on the development server. You can access the server and check the apps before showing the green flag for the launch process. 

Before starting the launch process, the quality assurance team runs last-minute tests to see that the apps are working appropriately! 

4. The app is ready for launch! 

The last stage of the process is launching the app. Once the testing of the app completes, the white-labeling firm team submits the apps to the iOS and Android App Store. They then wait for the app store’s approval. After the apps are approved, your customers can download, install, sign-up, and book their first service easily! 

Now that you know how to launch the app, why not start talking with the app developers and begin with the demo app trial? You’ll become an entrepreneur in 1 to 2 weeks only if you make quick decisions. 

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What About The After-Sales Services? 

Will the app development team offer services and support after the apps are launched on the iOS and Android App Store? The answer is yes. A reputable firm will always offer you the best after-sales support. A few examples of that are: 

1. Free app upgrades 

Depending on the package you have chosen, the firm will provide you with free app upgrades for one or two years. The firm zips and sends you the latest versions of the application. Your local app development team can then implement them. 

2. Bug support 

The white-labeling firm with a globally reputable image offers free bug support for one year. Thus, they take care of bug issues that may pop into the source code. Although they might not because the app is tested a hundred times already, making it free of any bugs! 

In Conclusion

Buying the Gojek Clone app script will be the best decision of your life. With this on-demand multi-service app, you’d be able to offer 82+ services to your customers. In brief, you will open gates to huge profit earning opportunities and becoming famous. 

Take the right step today – connect with the white-labeling firm and start working on developing your multi-service mobile application.

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