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5 Reasons to Use E-Signature in Your Business

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How many hours does your company’s staff spend pushing paper? How much time is spent while closing a deal since everyone has to meet in person to sign the paperwork? Can you keep paper contracts private while tangible copies are moved from person to person?

These kinds of questions make astute business owners consider if going paperless is a better solution. Business benefit from electronic signatures because they make the signing process more efficient.

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Here are five reasons why your company should use electronic signatures software.

1. Electronic signatures Allow employees more time to focus on more important tasks

How much time do your workers spend managing signed contracts, permission paperwork, or invoices in your company? Most paper trails begin with printing the document, presenting it to a client or patient to study and sign, scanning the signed document to place it in a digital version, electronic signature in a pdf document, and then destroying the form or putting it to file cabinets or storage facilities for protection.

An e-signature keeps the entire procedure computerized. How much time might your staff save if everything was kept in a single safe database? What would it imply for your company’s financial line if that time was focused on customer service instead?

2. Electronic documents are safer than paper documents

It’s difficult to maintain track of paper papers unless you have them in plain sight at all times. Using physical copies may result in disclosing secret information to your rivals. Signatures can be forged. Paper is very brittle and readily destroyed.

It’s also easily misplaced. Many e-signature solutions include layers of security, such as encryption, to ensure that malicious actors cannot access papers. Some also give audit trails, which capture the precise moment of the signature and if someone attempted to tamper with a document after it was signed.

3. Going paperless has both financial and environmental advantages

Your organization may save money on paper, professional shredding, and storage by creating online signatures. You might be able to do without or lessen the requirement for scanning and copying equipment.

Reducing the use of paper is also good for the environment. We Signature, which has been in business since 2003, boasts about the environmental benefits of its service, stating that it has saved 2.5 million trees and replaced 20 million pages of paper through its digital method.

4. Digital Signatures Are Legally Acceptable

UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act) was passed in the United States in 1999 and established the legal foundation for the use of electronic signatures. In 2000, the United States enacted the ESIGN (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce) Act.

These rules combined to make electronic signatures equally legitimate and legally binding as those created with pen and ink. As a result, documents signed electronically are legally binding and can be used as evidence in court.

5. Digital Processes Improve Customer Experience

Customers continuously expect that their interactions will be quick and efficient. Digital signatures eliminate the need to schedule meetings at specific times and locations to sign papers. Customers are also given more time to review and comprehend what they are signing due to this procedure.

During in-person contacts, clients regard stacks of paper as something to be gotten through quickly. Because they are under time constraints, they rarely read what they are signing. Customers are more educated when they may look through papers at their leisure during the process.


There’s no need to worry if you’re still using pen and paper signatures, but now is an excellent time to consider switching.

Electronic signatures are finally prevalent enough that people will not raise their eyebrows or ask inquisitive questions when confronted with a document that must be signed electronically.

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