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5 Things to Consider If You Are Thinking of Trading Forex

Start Trading Forex

In the last decade, Forex has grown into the real financial giant with trillions traded a day. It is a liquid, highly lucrative, and 24 hours’ open market with access to anyone with an internet connection. If you consider starting trading Forex, we share with you 5 things to know before opening your first trading position.

5 things to know before start trading Forex

Find Reputable Broker

No matter which asset you chose in any trade, the choice of the broker represents a make-it-or-break-it for your trading success. Going with the right one shields you from scammers. And avoiding scammers from the very beginning means not losing the money before even starting trading. To find the best brokerage company, take into account the several benchmarks:

  1. Regulations compliance
  2. Efficient customer support
  3. Spread offered
  4. Trading assets
  5. Access to educational materials

When checking out the forums or brokers’ reviews, the criteria mentioned above are the most important. Besides, pay attention to the trading platform’s software. MetaTrader 4 is the king among trading software, so it’s preferable that a broker has it in place.

Learn About the Market

There is no need to have a University degree in economics to start trading Forex, but you will have to commit yourself to learn how the market works. Currency pairs trading might seem easy as a pie, and it’s really not so complicated, but it’s absolutely unreasonable to venture into trading without learning how it works. Therefore, look for Forex trading tutorials, courses, and blogs. Mastering the Forex terminology, the main trading strategies, chart analysis, and the currency pairs’ features make part of every well-planned Forex trading career.

Choose Wisely Currency Pairs

The beginner usually starts with less volatile and more liquid assets such as USD, EUR, JPY. And that’s a wise choice since you don’t want to experiment too much from the start. However, the big trading opportunities on over-the-counter foreign currency exchange are not limited to EUR USD and other major currencies. The currencies from emerging countries with less stable economies could be very profitable if you learn to follow the economic and geopolitical events and react accordingly to make the best trading decisions.

Choosing the Proper Strategy

Choosing the right business plan includes factors such as the size of a position, currency pair you choose to trade, entry and exit points of your trade. The most used trading strategy in Forex is scalping that relies on ultra-frequent currency price movement. It requires constant monitoring of prices and therefore increased presence in front of the computer screen.

It would be best if you based all decisions on technical analysis since, as you know, the math never lies. So, besides technical charts, follow the market news to be up to date with price fluctuations and the events that affect them. Usually, you will find many trading strategies and tactics available online.

They are created by seasoned traders and experts and are also popular as trading signals. However, it would help if you had a keen eye on the market to develop your own strategy and set up a manual trading system. Otherwise, there is always an automated trade option where the trading algorithm finds the best trading signals and executes trades.

Practice on a Demo Account

Demo accounts are a peerless way to try your trading strategies and check out your trading skills. With no money invested, you are in a position to test your knowledge by trading currencies with any money investment but in real market conditions. With enough confidence gained, you can fund your account whenever you want and start real trading.

And that’s the point when the psychological factor enters the game. Just in real trading and with the money at stake, you can test its capability of keeping the emotions under control when the market starts going against you. So keep in mind, just cool-headed, well-planned trading can lead to sustainable profits, which is your ultimate goal as a Forex trader.


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