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5 Types of Curtains That Are The Best Paired With Striped Wallpaper

Types of Curtains

If we wear patterned top clothes, we should wear plain pants and vice versa. That is what we have learned in styling. Because of this upbringing, we subconsciously apply this every time we choose what to wear and even with home furnishing.

However, don’t you know that patterns and textures match too? If you have wallpapered striped, you can pair it with curtains that are plain or with design.

In this post, you will find what Yorkshire curtains fabrics offer. They have designs that give off unique vibes. It will complement whatever stripes your wallpaper is wearing. Keep on reading since these tips might surprise you!

Neutral Colored Curtains in Classic Stripes Wallpaper

Neutral Colored Curtains will probably go on with any wallpaper. Because it is warm to look at, its color will outstand its design, whatever its style.

These neutral-colored curtains can go on with classic striped wallpaper. It is sometimes narrow, medium, or thick bands of two alternating colors. These are the most common wallpaper styles you can find anywhere.

Since your wallpaper is clear from afar, the Spike Flower Theme Pattern Cream Colour Soft Chenille, with its small design and relaxing color, can give your room a surprise effect. It may appear plain, but its design will be visible near you. It won’t be in contrast to your wallpaper.

This match is the easiest and most workable option if your home furnishing goal is simple.

Light Curtains in Pinstripes Wallpaper

If Classic Stripes can be on either narrow, medium, or thick bands of color apart, Pinstripes are loyal to their size. So, you can see them often in offices or study rooms.

Pinstripe wallpaper has a significant vibe. Apart from the neutral colors in which it could blend, another idea you can do is opt for light colors. Doing so can make your serious room feel a little welcoming.

However, if you consider this option, match your pinstripe paint and your curtains to other home furnishings.

Picking the right paint color might be challenging, especially when matching it with its co- home furnishings. But maybe because you want to achieve a light ambiance, consider curtains in soft or dramatic hues.

Go Extra with Multi Stripes Wallpaper

If Pinstripes are more of a serious type, multi-striped kind of wallpaper offers a fun side. Multi stripe wallpaper can be in different colors in different thicknesses on repeat. Because multi stripes are extra, you can be a little extra with your curtains.

You can choose from curtains with large patterns or animal and flower prints. Just consider the gender of the room owner, and decide with your home furnishings with that in mind.

Patterns like Bruges Life Parrot All-Over Pattern and Zamorin Detailed Colourful Weave are great wallpapers for kids, teenagers, and adults.

Ticking Stripes All The Way

In ticking stripe wallpaper, you have a stripe in the center, and on its side is a thinner stripe, usually in the same color. A good ticking stripes color would have its colors work together. And it can still get better by adding a curtain to your home furnishing.

You can be playful in choosing your curtains by having ticking stripes since the Ticking design came from the herringbone pattern used in mattresses in the past.

So, if the color in your wall is white with blue ticking colors, you can make your curtain blue with white pulsating colors or the same ticking color like Aldwych Herringbone Soft Wool Light Blue. That’s art right there!

Alternative Stripes Wallpaper and Simplicity

History repeats itself even in certain styles. Alternative stripe is a classic. However, today, they get reincarnated with a twist and hint of modernization. If your wallpaper is in this design, keep your curtain simple. Go with white or any plain colored curtain in linen or silk.

The type of fabric here appears classy and classic at the same time. It will do the job of shading you from the light. And it will help your wallpaper get attention this time.


Those are on-point tips you can check on to keep your home furnishing in check. The right home furnishing can help your room appear well-ventilated. Consider the wallpaper on the ceiling. That will also affect the overall appearance of your room.

Investing in artistic curtains that go with your wallpaper is never a waste of money and time. Fortunately, Yorkshire Fabric Shop got it for you.

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