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6 Custom Packaging Design Ideas for Your Products

Custom Packaging Design Ideas

Cosmetics are a necessary product for everyone. No doubt the quality of every product is important, but people invariable emphasize the custom packaging more than anything else.

Did you know that your packaging can be more than just generic pieces of storage? Have you considered altering the boxes, so they presumably offset the competition? These and many more workable possibilities are making customized cosmetic boxes the current trend in the market.

Interesting facts about beauty packaging

The sole purpose of customizing the cosmetic boxes is to protect the sensitive contents without losing their shape or style.

No customer wants to buy beauty boxes with scratched surfaces and torn sides. But, the boxes speak about the business when no other sales campaign is around. So, it makes sense to create boxes that fulfill more than one purpose.

We present some workable ideas to beautify your cosmetics packaging, so it immediately grabs customer attention.

  • Focus on the customer demographic

Who are your customers? Sorting this out helps to include customer preferences within the packaging. However, the foremost factor is the size and shape of the cosmetic products. Leaner primary packaging or ones calling for distinct box shapes can be better presented using customized box forms.

You must have seen custom-made box cuts comprising edgier window cutouts, custom handles, and reinforced sleeves on top. Little box considerations make a bigger impact on the overall box appeal than you may realize.

Your target audience is a good measure to decide whether your boxes should support a vibrant, serious, masculine, or decent look. This would enhance the chances of your packaging resonating with customers more strongly.

  • Keep the contents intact

Certain cosmetic products such as foundations, lotions, primers, etc., can get ruined due to rigorous turbulences during transit.

No one wants to open their bought cosmetics and find them distorted eventually. So the better the products appear after unboxing, the more worthy the brand image gets.

Start by prepping the box structures. They are the base on which your brand identity would be built and judged against. Shabby or weak box constructs will get damaged easily and negatively affect the contents inside.

It is necessary to choose the right materials too. Bio-degradable stock paper is in, and you can alter it in many different ways. The right box condition would give your brand and higher customer retention rate.

  • Cosmetic boxes must contain detailed information

Let people know about your products. It establishes trust in the brand. You can research what info should be printed on the boxes. Try assessing the market and analyzing what popular brands put on their boxes in product details. It would give you an idea of what works with buyers.

However, be careful not to put too much info that customers find hard to read and decode. Branded Custom packaging needs to be printed with readable texts and clear graphics. Once customers get your messages, your brand reputation will escalate much more rapidly.

You can start with the usual data: expiry dates, ingredients used, place of origin, etc. Customers can confidently pick your brand when they know about the elements in the products and how to use them.

Additionally, you can encourage more sales by stating unique product features. For example, putting product benefits as soothing, healing, or attractive is likely to earn more customer following. Moreover, re-read the texts and ensure to make them fun to read.

  • Follow trends in the industry

Keeping pace with the industry trends is a good branding exercise. Some brands may not carry this type of research, citing time wastages. But it keeps your boxes in line with current trends that depict customer tastes.

For instance, the minimalistic trend is dominating box designs these days. Using such tactics reduces the risk of box designs working with the target customers. It also helps grab customers’ attention, and they take your brand more seriously.

Most cosmetic products are being shipped more frequently than ever before. It is thus worthwhile that your custom printed shipping boxes must be resistant to pressures and varied storage conditions. Laminations help with this while inflating the glamour quotient of your packaging.

  • Make your brand logo memorable

Customers mostly remember and recall the brand owing to how the logo and name are printed on the boxes. Cosmetic brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton are instantly spotted due to their distinct brand image.

Custom box options can be used creatively to style unique brand logos and titles. The logos can truly stand apart from the crowd by using differentiated colors and patterns. In addition, advanced printing effects such as foil stamping and embossing can further illuminate the brand logo, so customers memorize them instantly.

You can also make it convenient for buyers to contact your business. For example, placing the company’s social media handles, website portals, and online addresses is a good way of maintaining healthy relations with customers.

  • Consolidate your branding

Your packaging is undoubtedly representing your brand in a tangible form. It is, therefore, crucial that you give customers a persuasive brand story through it. One of the main factors can be summarizing the other forms of brand promotions and making more sense of your overall branding.

Quirky taglines used for brand promotions can also be placed on the boxes, so the brand image is reinforced on customers. Anything that reminds customers of the overall promotional content is a good way to spread brand awareness using the box designs.

You can also ask customers for feedback and suggestions. Several brands also compel buyers to participate in the ongoing debate on their social media handles to increase brand recognition.

Creating custompackaging for your cosmetic business just became achievable. Use this chance to leave a good impression of your brand amidst the competition.


Utilizing the above box design ideas can alter the fate of your brand. Cosmetic boxes must look the part in giving enhanced appeal to customers.

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