6 Interesting Marketing Trends That Online Business Owners Shouldn’t Miss

It is a no-brainer that e-commerce is thriving. However, running an e-commerce business is like driving a standard sports car on a hill with winds pushing against you.

To illustrate the challenges of meeting the continuously changing demand in technology, consumer buying behavior, and trending marketing strategies. Therefore, you must shift gears to maintain the momentum and anticipate what lies ahead around every turn.

To help you, we have listed some interesting marketing trends and SEO services Dubai trends for your online business to flourish.

Influencer Marketing Works Better Than Celebrity Endorsement

You will no longer find celebrities endorsing products as much as you used to. The most pivotal reason is peer recommendations sway millennial shoppers more than celebrity status.

It is a novel marketing strategy because social media influencers only existed a few years back. Influencers or social media users with an impressive followers list act as marketing conduits for the brand’s products, but at a specific price. Such endorsement takes different forms – from Instagram posts and YouTube videos to sponsored TikTok videos.

These relationships between influencers and brands hold value as they increase your online store traffic. If you cannot swing for major influencers, try reaching out to micro-influencers or social media users with smaller yet highly-engaging followers.

Contextual and Programmatic Advertisements Are Roaring

Contextual and programmatic advertisements are roaring, and social media sites respond in the form of revamped designs and new features.

This new trend uses datasets to target audiences. Depending based on consumption, these ads appear to the relevant audience. Therefore, it helps to generate higher ROI.

Simply put, this strategy displays the right ad to the right audience at the right time. Hence, your brand and products have a chance of reaching out to a more extensive customer base through programmatic advertising.

In videos, you can combine AI-powered context advertisements with the content. To illustrate, a pre-roll ad of a cooking masterclass lesson at the beginning of a video about a recipe will appear less intrusive and generate more registration for the masterclass.

Social Shopping Is Taking Over the Malls

Social shopping is swiftly replacing shopping at a mall. But it doesn’t mean individuals don’t prefer to flaunt their new purchases.

They make it simple for customers to click, buy, and share their happy news online with all of their connections by using shoppable postings like Instagram Galleries. It’s gold for businesses targeting these networked customers with new discounts and other incentives.

Attractive Packaging Holds The Magic!

It’s unpleasant but true: buyers are more inclined to acquire an item with appealing packaging than one that appears unappealing when it arrives at their door. Consumers want attractive things, regardless of their usefulness.

In today’s highly visual social media environment, looks are more important than ever. At every stage of the process, the attractiveness of a product may make or shatter a consumer’s choice to touch your Instagram ad, browse your virtual storefront, and eventually make a purchase.

Snap And Shop!

As companies explored strategies to avoid physical contact during the COVID-19 outbreak, QR codes grew popular. As it turns out, these boxy little codes might be a simple method to keep clients engaged with your business.

For example, they can be placed on product packaging to direct customers to your social media, satisfaction surveys, or a discount website for repeat orders.

QR codes may also be used on stickers and business cards to direct people to your storefront if they are unfamiliar with your brand. You can contact clients where they already spend a lot of time: on their smartphones by using strategically placed QR codes.

Everyone Loves Attention

Everyone enjoys receiving a birthday gift and being acknowledged and given personal attention. Personalization is a highly effective marketing technique. Your online clients demand tailored attention, and there are various methods for doing it that AI and machine learning tools support.

For instance, Amazon and Netflix have set a high bar for personalized suggestions. Here are some ideas for personalizing a customer’s experience:

  • Use the customer’s name in the subject line and body of emails.
  • Send a message to consumers who haven’t contacted your company in a while, offering a discount.
  • Send a special offer on your birthday.
  • After a specific number of purchases, reward loyal clients with a surprise prize.

The Takeaway

It would help if you devised your new marketing plan around these strategies, increasing your lead generation in Dubai and other countries and expanding your business’s potential worldwide. These marketing trends welcome you to benefit from them!

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