Pain can be hard to bear with! And EAR PAIN can be worrisome. 

Waking up suddenly in the middle of the night is among our bad childhood memories. No matter what age you are, you must have experienced this before.

Every time a person has it, he is supposed to rush to the doctor, and if not possible, he has to rely on some home remedies. No matter what’s the cause, ear pain can be unbearable.

Last summer, my cousin who visited us got sudden ear pain, and we immediately rushed to the nearby healthcare facility named Memon Hospital. The child was treated there, and the whole experience was quite scary.

Effective Remedies for Earache

You might have also heard about many such home remedies for ear pain from our elders. These home remedies to over-the-counter antibiotics, there are many causes of earache we rely upon. I’m sure you must be confused about which remedies to follow or not.

In case you are wondering what some of the effective remedies for earache are, I suggest you read further.

Let’s find out! Here are some of the effective remedies for earache.

1- Olive oil drops

A part of folk treatment is olive oil to relieve the earache. Even though there is no scientific evidence to support the fact that using oil can help to relieve ear pain. However, olive oil is an effective remedy to treat earache. If you are suffering from ear pain, it is said that pouring a few drops of slightly warm olive oil into your ear canal can help to relieve the ear pain.

2- Monitor your sleep position

You will be surprised knowing that your sleep positions can affect the extent and severity of ear positions. Some sleep positions can improve ear pain, and likewise, many others can aggravate this. If you have pain in the on-ear, make sure that you are not turning it towards the pillow; instead, it is facing upward. This position with reduced pressure on the ear is an effective way to treat earache.

3- Naturopathic drops   

Like over-the-counter medicines, you can find these naturopathic ones in any pharmacy or drugstore. These drops are made by combining herbal extracts that can help to soothe earache, and these drops are found to be more effective than other OTC earache drops.  

4- Warm or cold compress

The role of heat and cold in pain treatment needs no explanation, and there are sufficient evidence to support this. For immediate pain relief, it is recommended to use cold or heat packs to treat the pain. Recommended practice is to use these warm and cold therapy alternatively to relieve the earache.

5- Eat garlic or ginger

Targeting a cause of earache known as bacterial infection, raw garlic can also help with ear pain. It is advisable to consume raw garlic as a compound known as allicin that can effectively treat ear pain. Other than garlic, ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties known to soothe ear pain. You can apply ginger juice or ginger oil to your ear canal to relieve ear pain.

6- Use hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is known to have been used as the oldest remedy to treat earache. Putting a few drops of hydrogen peroxide can surely help treat the earache. It is recommended to rinse your ear with distilled water after letting hydrogen peroxide sit for a few minutes.

7- Divert your attention

Not a remedy, but if you are struggling with ear pain, diverting your attention can surely help relieve your ear pain. Take it off your mind and do the activities you enjoy doing. Watching a movie, doing some art or cooking your favourite foods can be a good option to divert your attention.

Bottom Line!

Earache can be quite troubling for anyone. With many responsible causes, it can be hard to treat them through home remedies. While there are many effective ways to treat earache, home remedies can be your go-to option. However, this is still a safety concern while opting for them. Thus, it is advisable to visit your physician as soon as possible to avoid any bigger problems and for the right treatment.

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