Dubai is the world’s most popular destination for people looking for an adventure. Adventure should be as wild as the burning furnace of summers and as calm as the rising ocean waves. Such a sensation can only be accessed in the desert landscape and among the National Ghaf trees of the UAE!

Many rip-roaring adventurous activities in Dubai will get sand in your hair and a broad smile on your face. These outdoor activities will vaporize every drop of laziness and weariness from your presence.

Let’s explore these activities in detail:

 Dubai’s Amusement ParksDubai is packed with parks offering vertical plunges and Hollywood themes of Motiongate. You will come across parks enveloped within the enchanting blockbuster spectacles of Bollywood. Then, there are amusement parks such as Mushrif Parks, built on the very essence of nature, such as water and forests. These parks welcome you to engage in world-class ziplining and hiking activities.

Add in the retail haven and picturesque beauty of Riverland, and you will find it hard to return home!

  •  Desert Safari

Your to-do list would be extensive, but one adventure that you must not miss at any cost is a desert safari. Many firms offer this trip out in the wilderness of hot sand dunes. Dune bashing comes in different disguises with a load of activities.

However, we feel a genuinely desert safari experience must include dune bashing. Haring up and down the sandy dunes in a specially customized 4×4 is an exciting way to clear your head of cobwebs. Once your heart refuses to function normally, seek a traditional dinner and show combo at one of the camps.

At these camps, belly dancing and a belly full of tasty local food are on the menu, waiting for you. You can also enjoy falconry demonstrations and avail yourself of the opportunity of sleeping under the stars in a Bedouin-style tent.

After a night in the desert, you can earn the delights of camel riding and breakfast by a lake to relax and conclude the adventure.

  •  Hot Air Balloon

The view of Dubai’s desert from a hot air balloon is even more spectacular. From above, the vast dunes resemble smooth, cresting waves, and the desert’s tremendous grandeur can be felt entirely.

Firms are making joint efforts to expand the delights of hot air balloons. To illustrate, Balloon Adventures Dubai recently teamed with Royal Shaheen falconry to bring the thrills of falcon racing thousands of feet in the air. It is a unique and mesmerizing experience.

  •  Palm West Beach

This sleek beachside promenade is a popular summer destination. With restaurants, clubs, entertainment, and water sports along the beach, it’s marketed as “the ideal sunset destination”. So, you know when to go.

The 1.6km promenade and seashore are pet-friendly, and 300 palm palms are lighted up at night for a walking and jogging track. Koko Bay, a Balinese-themed beach bar and restaurant, Lucky Fish, a posh beach club and restaurant, and Seor Pico, a Mexican venue, are among the top options for a meal. Finally, grab your camera because it’s time for some sunset drinks.

  •  Skydiving

If you are looking forward to jumping from a plane, what better place exists than Dubai to feast on a bird’s eye view of Palm and sand dunes. Skydiving in Dubai will blast you with an adrenaline rush like none other. You can’t go wrong with skydiving in this city of gold for a unique experience.

  •  Deep-Sea Fishing

The Gulf’s warm waters provide an excellent habitat for a wide variety of marine life, and nothing stops you from spending a day at sea. Grouper and kingfish return to the Gulf’s temperate waters, while snappers and catfish may be found all year. Private and shared tours are also possible. Simply inquire with your concierge or private butler.

  •  Outdoor Bootcamp

As the Bootcamp fitness fad continues to sweep the globe, take advantage of the more temperate Dubai weather and spice up your exercises outside. Several Talise Boot Camps scattered throughout Jumeirah Beach Hotel focuses on calisthenics and endurance training to take your fitness to the next level.

Final Words

You have plenty to explore and lifetime memories to collect while visiting Dubai. The amazing adventurous activities in Dubai will have you wrapped around their fingers. Nightlife will encourage you to extend your visit, and the luxurious lifestyle will persuade you to shift to the ultra-modern city!

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