7 secret techniques that you must know for printing custom lotion boxes

If you own a business that sells lotion, you will know that there are many other companies that do this as well. Those that are able to sell good-quality lotion can get more sales. To attract people to the lotion, you can design attractive custom lotion boxes. These are able to stand out to the people who are looking for the lotion you are selling and can even protect the lotion bottle so it reaches people in good-condition.

Right packaging material

The following are 7 techniques you should know when printing lotion boxes:

You should choose packaging material that is easy to print on so that you can design it in a unique way. The one that allows companies to choose different printing techniques like digital printing, lithography, flexography, etc. will be helpful. You will be able to choose the printing method that suits your budget and which can give you an attractive box. 

Packaging materials for lotion packaging that may be good here include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft. You will be able to customize the packaging designing it in a unique and outstanding way. 

Environmentally-friendly packaging

The boxes should also not be harmful for the environment if you want to attract the many ecofriendly shoppers to them. The above materials are like this. If you design the box well but it pollutes the environment much, some people will not get a good impression of your company. 

Choose recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable lotion packaging boxes as these will help you limit your carbon footprint. 

Design to attract consumer base

When you are figuring out how to print the custom lotion boxes, design them so that the people who wish to buy the lotion can notice them easily. You should research on who these individuals are by considering their age range, gender, geographical location, etc., allowing you to make packaging that will attract them. 

For example if you are selling a lotion that helps with handling eczema, the consumer base may mostly be adults. The box should have a professional look to it so that you can convince people that you focus on making good-quality lotion. 

Add a brand logo

Print a brand logo on the box so that it can increase brand awareness. This will be helpful for your company as you will be letting shoppers know that you are a business. You should also include this logo on all of your packaging if you want it to increase brand recognition.

On lotion boxes you should also add the contact information of your company like its phone number, email address, social media links, address, etc. These details also help people know about your company and even help them in contacting you.

Choose right colors

The colors you select to include on packaging are important when considering how to print the box. Choose a color scheme that will match your brand image. If you have a brand color, include it.

Those who do not know what colors to select can look at color psychology which will give you an idea of what colors signify. You can choose those that will connect to your brand and product. For example if you want to show people that your lotion is a natural one, you can include the color brown on lotion packaging as this portrays natural and organic stuff. 

Images on packaging

You can add pictures on lotion packaging boxes that connect to the lotion so that people can know about it. It may be better to avoid adding too many because these may make the box look hectic and confusing. Choose the right ones that will make the box look more amazing.

Information about the lotion

Print the important details about the lotion on lotion boxes so that you can help people in knowing about it. Include the information that is relevant and helpful only so that it does not confuse people. 

You can for example tell what skin type the lotion is best for, its ingredients, how to use and store it, any warnings, and more. 

The font that you print the information in is important also. It should be one that people will want to read. No confusion should occur when they are doing this. Choose one with a good size and color as well so that it looks attractive. 

When you print custom boxes effectively, you can make the box look more amazing. You can give a good impression of your company in this way which can make people want to think about buying the lotion you are selling. Shoppers will only want to put a good-quality product on their skin therefore you should convince them that your lotion is one like this. Therefore print the packaging in a professional way. 

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