Tired of the daily grind and want some moments of peace and quiet? Want to take up a relaxing activity? How about meditation?

Meditation is one of the most powerful yogic techniques that offers you various mental and physical health benefits. Whether you want to disconnect from everyday noise or reconnect with yourself, meditation helps you do both.

Is meditation for everyone? However simple as it might seem, meditation is not a cakewalk and is one of the most challenging things you can do.

If you want to start a meditation practice daily, yoga experts have meditation sessions online and come up with a list of things you should do before sitting down for it.

Things You Should Do Before Sitting for Meditation

Below are nine things you should do before sitting in a meditation session.

Choose a place; the first thing you should take care of before sitting for a meditation session is to choose a place. You need to have a dedicated space for this yogic technique. Make sure the place you choose is neat and tidy. You can also light candles or incense to dive deeper into this ancient yogic technique.

  • Prepare Your Body

Next, you need to prepare the body for a meditation session. Take a bath, wash your face, and cleanse your body. Do not sit in a state of hunger or thirst, as these would distract you from the practice.

Choose a pair of comfortable clothes for the practice. Make sure there are no bodily issues that might interfere with your ability to focus on meditation. Enroll in a certified Vipassana center in India to learn the best meditation technique from the experts.

  • Get Rid of Distractions

It might be the third, but it is the most important thing you must do before sitting down for a meditation session. Make sure there are no electronic or digital devices in the vicinity.

Yoga experts recommend putting the smartphone in Silent mode and taking care of any chores beforehand. It will help you focus on the meditation session without any hassle.

  • Let Go of Tension

Yoga experts recommend practicing a couple of yoga stretches and movements before sitting for a meditation session. These help you release all the pent-up tension in the body.

Make sure to focus on the parts which feel achy or sore during a meditation session. The RYT certification will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the best yoga exercises to do before meditation.

  • Set the Seat

Now is the time to get support for the meditation sitting position. You can bring yoga blocks, blankets, and cushions to sit comfortably during the meditation session. Make sure you have enough support, so there is no need to get up in the middle of the meditation session.

  • Set the Intention

Most yoga practitioners set an intention when sitting for a meditation session. The intention here is the main focus and goal of what you want to accomplish with meditation. Make sure to set an intention before sitting to meditate. The Vipassana center in India will help you understand the techniques to sit in meditation for a longer period.

  • Commit to the Practice

Whether it is Gratitude or Vipassana meditation, both require you to commit thoroughly to the practice. Yoga experts recommend setting a time limit regarding how long you can sit.

Setting a duration for the meditation session is highly important. This helps you remain focused on the technique without the urge to get up early or in the middle of practice.

  • Refine the Posture

Sit for the meditation session, and take a few moments to settle into the position. Make some adjustments so that your spine is long and tall. Meditation experts recommend that the least amount of muscular tension should support your body.

You can enroll in the RYT certification to learn and practice this powerful yoga technique under the guidance of experienced meditation teachers.

  • Focus on Breathing

Meditation will always remain incomplete without a due focus on breathing. You should take some time to focus on breathing and try to make it slow and deep. Try learning about the yoga Pranayama techniques, which rejuvenate your body and mind.


Meditation is the ancient yogic technique that offers you various mental and physical health benefits. Enroll in the Vipassana center to learn and practice the most powerful meditation technique and rejuvenate your body and mind.

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