The D-Link DAP-1620 WiFi Extender helps to extend the WiFi coverage of your home. It provides great flexibility and reduces the interference of dead spots.

Also, optimal WiFi coverage helps to find the best and most stable position for your WiFi range extender. It is suitable for homes pre-wired with Ethernet cables and provides the best wireless coverage. 

With its new user interface, you can easily access the D-link WiFi extender’s features. For the d’link dap 1620 setup, there is no need for additional cables.

It provides the ultimate signal range and fabulous performance for your connected devices.

The D-Link DAP-1620 WiFi Extender has a high range of powerful antennas, which helps to improve the WiFi performance and provide optimized coverage throughout your house.

Also, it has a smart signal indicator that provides accurate information about the best location of your wireless range extender with the help of its high-speed technology.

It can easily boost the range of your existing router and creates a stronger signal to hard-to-reach areas.

How to Access your D-Link DAP-1620 WiFi Extender?

The D-Link DAP-1620 WiFi Extender offers high-speed wireless performance and secures your wireless network with a button press.

You can connect your extender with the help of an ethernet cable too. So you can access it throughout your home and small office as well. 

The wireless range extender can be accessed in many ways. You can set up your wireless range extender with the help of the IP address or user web interface.

It has many setup ways to set up your QRS mobile app and Web-based setup and connect your device with or without WPS.

Setup Via using the QRS Mobile App

The D-Link extender can be set up with the help of your mobile phone. Users can also install the QRS mobile app on Android or IOS devices on their phones.

To install the QRS app:

  1. Search for a free QRS Mobile app on Google or Apple store. You can also search by scanning the QR code that you will get in the manual.
  2. After installing the app on your mobile phones, commence the configuration process.
  3. Connect your extender by scanning the SSID network name as it is listed when you open the settings on your device. 

Once it is connected to your device, open the QRS mobile app from the home screen of your connected device.

Save to Reboot the Summary

Now click on the start option to continue the process. Then scan for the available WiFi network. In case it does not show, then rescan it and try again. Enter your password and go to the next button. 

Enter the network name and password and save your device display settings to complete the setup. After this process, the screen will appear with some instructions.

Follow those instructions to share such information with your email id.

Setup Using Web Interface

To access the D-Link DAP-1620 WiFi Extender web interface on your PC. Firstly connect the extender to the PC using the WiFi name and password you get on the installation card.

After that, open the web browser and enter http://dlinkap.local on the address bar. You can also enter the IP address to access the extender.

The computer will display the configuration interface web page. If you have not configured the network, the screen will show no connection between your router and wireless extender.

D-Link DAP-1620 WiFi Extender Setup Wizard

If you log into the device for the first time, it displays no connection on the screen. Then, in that case, the setup wizard will appear on your computer screen. You have to follow the three steps for the successful configuration of the extender with the router.

Connecting your device using the WPS button

This is the first step toward the successful configuration of the extender. This method is also known as the WPS-PBC ( push button configuration).

It will automatically find the network connection for your wireless networking device, which has a physical or virtual WPS button. 

This process will take 100-120 seconds to establish the successful configuration between your router and extender. After that, the current network name will be displayed on your screen.

Use the same id and password you used for creating your account.

Connecting your device without using the WPS button

If the WPS countdown expires, you will not be able to connect with the help of the WPS button. You may press the retry button to attempt the next step.

If you do not want to use the WPS, you can try alternate configuration options, like using a QRS mobile setup or extending your existing WiFi network.

Extend Your Existing Network

If you want to extend the network coverage, then you need to follow these instructions. You can easily extend your network by scanning. Click on the selected network, and the extender will automatically forward you to the next step. 

If it does not scan automatically, move to the manual button. After that, click on the configuration of your network settings in the manual. Enter your wireless security name and password to connect it to your existing network.

Review of the D-Link DAP-1620 WiFi Extender

It is a great WiFi extender. Dlink can connect to the wall with the help of an ethernet cable. It provides the perfect range connection and gets no problem yet.

Also, you get no more dead spots in your house. The setup of the extender is also very easy. You just have to follow the exact instructions as they say in the manual. 

The D-Link WiFi Extender offers high-speed wireless performance and secures your wireless network with a button press. You can easily set up your wireless range extender.

Also, easily set up with the help of the IP address or user web interface. Thanks for reading all the details. I hope it will help to resolve all the problems with your device.

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