In the past year, there’s been a more significant media focus on Alprazolam (typically called the trademark of Xanax) and the fact that an increasing number of teenagers are taking the drug. Many stories in the media have been focused on individual instances or reports from treatment centers. However, there’s been very little analysis of the findings from research or the facts behind them.

As with all coverage of possible developments in the field of drugs, there’s a risk that evidence of the shift in trends isn’t well-documented or even available if a public image of a particular drug may inadvertently draw attention from drug users.

PHE has been studying the available evidence in this blog. It will present what we know about the current research and what should be considered shortly.

Is Alprazolam a drug?

Alprazolam is among the medications in the benzodiazepine class of drugs. The most commonly used use of benzodiazepines is for treating anxiety and insomnia, but they are also used to control seizures triggered by epilepsy.

The most popular benzodiazepine medication in the UK is Buy Xanax Online, marketed under the trademark name Valium. Contrary to that, Alprazolam is a faster-acting drug that is about ten times more potent and can cause the sensation of sleepiness.

Similar to other benzodiazepines, such as Alprazolam, It could trigger issues if it is taken without medical advice. In the short term, it may cause excessive sedation, collapse, and even overdose. In the long run, it could cause physical dependence and severe withdrawal after stopping or decreasing consumption.

In addition, using any benzodiazepine when combined with alcohol and other drugs increases the risk of harm. This is particularly the case when benzodiazepines mix with other sedatives.

Alprazolam isn’t available on the NHS. However, it can be purchased by appointment with a private physician in the UK. Illicit Alprazolam is generally available in counterfeit Xanax tablets. It is also available at drug stores that are street-level and is also available on illegal websites as well as social media platforms.

What are the current debates about the drug Alprazolam (Xanax)?

Many stories from personal experiences have been published in the media, mainly regarding teenagers who’ve had problems using Alprazolam (Xanax) and anecdotal reports that they use their medication to manage anxiety-related issues.

There is also discussion concerning Alprazolam in circles of the political. In January, One of the lawmakers, Bamboos Charalambous, led the first meeting in the House of Commons to discuss using Alprazolam.

In some instances, alcohol (Xanax) is described in the media as a cause of concern among teens. There’s no evidence to support this assertion; however, as we’ll show, there is evidence of an increasing amount of alcohol consumed. It is essential to recognize that patterns of usage change as time passes. Certain substances can be identified quickly, yet their use decreases quickly. Yet, some drugs remain in use and can cause long-lasting harm. It’s still too early to know the class Alprazolam will fall under.

What is the current information regarding the use of Alprazolam?

As media coverage persists, PHE is asked to respond specifically to recent developments. The evidence suggests that the usage of Alprazolam is increasing, particularly among young (or young adults). The available data do not give a precise figure of the frequency of alprazolam use since the statistics include all benzodiazepines; however, they don’t cover Alprazolam specifically, making it challenging to discern shifts in usage.

Hospital admissions statistics from England for 2017 indicate increased number of patients admitted to hospitals to treat benzodiazepine poisoning. At the same time, requests from the National Poisons Information Service about the treatment for poisoning caused by Alprazolam have substantially increased. PHE has analyzed UK police seizures of substances that have been submitted to an analysis by forensic experts. The results showed that the number of seizures involving Alprazolam was significantly higher than in previous years. It has increased from less than ten seizures in 2016 to over 800 in 2017.

Buying Xanax Online tablets available on illegal marketplaces don’t have the highest quality pharmaceuticals and are fake. This is a massive problem since counterfeit products may contain highly variable amounts of Alprazolam. This can make it difficult for those taking drugs to decide on their dosage. The fake Xanax has also been found to protect against other substances or possibly harmful impure substances.

We’ve received information from TICTAC, and an examination of the drug lab confirmed that the samples designed to look like authentic Xanax tablets contained various substances that included etizolam. This is a chemical that is associated with several death incidents in Scotland. TIC TAC has confirmed that fake tablets containing Alprazolam varied in intensity. Certain pills contained more than the usual dose of a real Xanax tablet.

The uncertainty regarding the dosage can be a danger for people who can’t identify how much Alprazolam (or alternative substituted medications) the tablets have until after theyve taken the pill and had adverse reactions.

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