An All-inclusive Guide to Clear Cache & Cookies on Mac

Whenever you browse anything on the “World Wide Web”, websites have the tendency to automatically store http cookies in the browser. This helps them in recognizing who you are and then customize your experience accordingly. But too many cookies and cache are useless as it keeps piling up in your system. Clearing this data is advisable as it drastically enhances the speed of your browser while preventing others from accessing your personal information when you have a shared system. When you know how this works, it optimizes your browsing experience and manages your data in a systematic way.

Today, in this particular post, we will tell you what cookies are and why it is very important for you to clear them. Don’t worry, we have you covered when it comes to guiding you on the step-by-step process of clearing cookies on various browsers on your Mac.

Just in case you are not a tech-savvy, we suggest you to rely on the best Mac cleaner available and make things happen.

But before we begin, it is important for you to understand what cookies are.

What are cookies?

They are data web server pieces that track internet usage. Their main objective is to enhance the browsing experience on different websites while storing preferences for the websites. Cookies are classified into three types and each one has information on the internet that stores itself on the web browser. Let’s understand the types of cookies:

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies diligently track the usage of the website. Whenever you visit a website, cookies collect all the information and share it with others inclusive of third-party advertising websites.

Session Cookies

Session cookie is basically a text file saved in a temporary folder on the browser. There is no personal information saved in the first place, moreover, it automatically deletes everything after your browsing session.

Stored Cookies

Stored cookies tracks and save your login credentials. They also look for various preferences for different accounts that you use on your browser. Later, the browser deleted stored cookies so the information stored in them initially is also deleted.

Why is it important to clean cookies?

Clearing cookies on your Mac is very important. The two major reasons are privacy and ease of use. Cookies store your personal information on the web browser so it is important  that they are cleared at equal intervals. This gives you the best navigation experience and browsing experience as well.

Here is why it is extremely important to delete cookies:


If your system is used by multiple people, clearing cookies ensures that they are unable to peep into your browsing history. This way, they are  unable to access your account on the website and unable to look for credentials, no matter what.

Increases the browser speed

If your browser is storing plenty of information, it is certain that your buffering time increases. Therefore, you should clear cookies on regular intervals so that your browser runs quickly.

Keeps ads relevant

Third-party cookies allow websites to figure out what are the preferences of the audience and this is why they know who to target and how when it comes to ads. After deleting the cookies, websites have to reset what ads to be displayed.

How to clear cookies on a Mac using:

(a) Safari

Safari is Apple’s default browser and clearing cookies on it is a simple process.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to successfully delete cookies:

1. Launch Safari

For deleting the cookies in the first place, it is important for you to launch Safari. You firstly have to tap on the Safari icon having a blue, white and red compass. After this process, the homepage set is displayed on the screen.

2. Open the preferences menu

Once you launch the Safari app, it is important for you to navigate to the top left of your screen. Tap on “Safari” and a new menu is displayed. The next step is to navigate to “Preferences” and open it.

3. Prevent and block future cookie generation

From “Preferences” select “Privacy”. Tap to toggle the menu. You will find two options for deleting cookies-” Prevent cross site tracking” and “Block all cookies”. Choose the best option as per your preference by tapping on the empty white box.

4. Delete stored cookies

The next step is to delete all the cookies stored earlier on Safari. Next, move to  “Manage Website Data,” and choose it. You will be displayed a new menu where you shall remove cookies after analyzing websites that  generate them. This process has t o be completed manually.

5. Block future cookies

The last step in deleting cookies from Safari is by blocking future cookies. For this, it is important for you to navigate to “Block all cookies” tab and select it. You will then see a pop up window. From there you have to select “Block all”.

Note: After this process is completed, no cookie generation takes places unless y ou will manually allow.

(b) How to clear cookies on Google Chrome Web Browser from your Mac

You have to diligently follow the  below mentioned steps to clear cookies on Google Chrome Web Browser from your Mac

Open a new Chrome window

Navigate to top right corner

Choose “Settings”

Tap on “Privacy & Security”

Select “Cookies and other side data”

Tap on “Remove”

This complete process will delete cookies from a specific website that may have been saved earlier.

Now let’s find out how we will successfully delete cookies on Mac in Mozilla Firefox

(c)  How to clear cookies on a Mac in Firefox

It is important for you to  follow the  below mentioned steps to clear cookies on Mozilla Firefox from your Mac.

Open a new Firefox window

In the top right, choose menu

Click on “Settings”

Tap “Privacy & Security”

Look for “Cookies and Side Data” menu

Tap on “Manage Data”

Choose “Remove All”.

The aforementioned steps will help you delete all the saved cookies in the browser. YOu can also manually select the ones that you wish to delete and then click on “Remove Selected.”

If you are left with less storage space and your system displays you “low storage”, it is time for you to know how to clear disk space on Mac.

Additional Tips

Here are a few additional tips that will help you successfully clear cookies:

Clear cookies frequently

When you clear your browser cookies on regular intervals, your browser will run fast and efficiently. This also helps you to maintain privacy and keep everything updated.

Clear cookies (updated login credentials)

Whenever you update or change your password, it is important to clear cookies so that no one can access your account. This also  helps in boosting the loading time when you visit website.

Be mindful

If you wish to boost your browser’s speed no matter which type of browser you use on your Mac (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) but don’t lose login credentials. When you are aware of the types of cookies present on your system, you know which ones to delete and which ones not to delete. This also  helps to better optimize your browsing experience.

We hope this post helped you successfully delete all your cookies and cache. If things are still out of your control, give the best Mac cleaner available in the market a shot and see if it works for you.

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