Would you like to become a surrogate mother and help a couple start their own family? Then here’s a guide for you.

The following steps will lead you on a path toward surrogacy:

Decide Whether Surrogacy Suits You

Learn about surrogacy and what’s entailed in this journey. At the very minimum, a year-long commitment will impact your family.

Your spouse must be on board with this process if you’re married. He or she should be able to support you throughout this process.

Your motivations for becoming a surrogate also matter. Your primary reason should be a desire to help others.

Choose Your Surrogacy Method and Professional

There are two types of surrogacy:

  • Traditional and Gestational.

In the former, the surrogate provides her eggs. Then, the surrogate is impregnated using artificially inseminated sperm. As a result, she shares a biological connection with the baby.

The egg and sperm are obtained from the intended parents or donors in gestational surrogacy. The embryo is formed in an IVF lab and implanted into the surrogate’s uterus.

In this case, the surrogate shares no biological link with the baby. Nevertheless, this is the path of choice for many intended parents.

At Rite Options, we support parents and surrogates who have chosen gestational surrogacy.

Meet Agency Requirements

Once you have chosen a surrogacy agency, you will need to meet specific requirements to move forward. These include the following:


To become a surrogate mother, you must meet specific health requirements. This ensures you will have a healthy pregnancy.

These requirements include:

  • A Healthy BMI
  • A Previous, Healthy Pregnancy
  • A Healthy Lifestyle with No smoking or Recreational Drug Use.

You must consent to a medical screening. Every agency has specific criteria, but the ones mentioned above are the most common.


You must be a permanent, legal resident of the United States. Also, you should not be on any federal or state financial assistance programs.


A psychological evaluation will also be performed to assess your mental fitness. This helps the agency ensure your readiness for this process. You must also have a secure system of support at home, i.e., a cooperative spouse, friends, and family members.

Locate Intended Parents

To become a surrogate mother, you must locate your intended parents. If you already know a couple who needs your help, contact the surrogacy agency to manage all the medical and legal stages.

If you need help finding intended parents, work with an agency like Rite Options. We will show you profiles of parents who are looking for surrogate mothers.

The Legal Contract

Once the intended parents are chosen, both parties must seek separate legal representation. The surrogacy contract must address parental rights, surrogacy compensation, bonuses, medical insurance, actions to be taken in case of pregnancy complications, etc. Once approval is obtained, you may move forward in this journey.

We provide essential services to both parties, such as counselling, case management, referrals to surrogacy attorneys, etc. We aim to make this extraordinary journey a success for both parties.

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