There is hardly any kind of task we can imagine involving some kind of tool. The most common types of tools are the ones that are used for cutting and severing. Knives are top of that list of essential tools in the house and most times out of the house. 

There are a million kinds of knives and so many options that you can get for different types of work. But if you are looking at one handy knife as a whole, folding knives are the best. And within that, if you try to find out the best folding knife for cutting, MTech USA makes the best knives for that. You can choose from an array of MTech knives built for multipurpose handiwork.

On the other hand, there are so many ways that knives are incorporated into our work. We can utilize them as other tools, which can be very handy on many occasions. 

The idea is that knives are simple and sharp, and light, so they are already more useful than other tools. But the folding knife is an even better tool because it is handy and safer to use.

Pocket knives are nifty because they also have multiple other tools. Some common tools include utensils, cutters, razors, corkscrews, screwdrivers, and parcel carriers. On top of that, the more advanced they get, the more you can get out of them.

The Perks Of A Small Folding Knife

While we may have encapsulated how they can be useful, folding knives are a phenomenon. They are incredibly resourceful, and they also can be carried with ease. Here are some specific ways folding knives can be the best tool for you.

While Travelling

Often, we need a tool to take care of small nuisances on road trips and long routes. A folding knife is perfect for road trips as they work well as small cutters for opening snacks and bottles. 

They are also good for jimmying open car doors if you get locked out. They can also be used for self-grooming, cutting off zip ties, and packing material from your bags during the trip.

In The House

If you are working in the kitchen or taking care of chores in the house, folding knives do that well. A folding knife can substitute for a peeler, bottle opener, can opener, dicer, and scissors in the kitchen. In the house chores, they are great for electrical repairs, DIY projects, and gardening.

For Outdoor Camping

This might seem similar to traveling but camping out in the wild is a completely different experience. It requires you to survive off of little resources. Folding knives are perfect for bringing along because they can be used for many things.

Pitching tents, putting up hammocks, digging holes, and foraging herbs and fruit is the top of the chores you can do. During camping, pocket knives also work best to make kindling for the fire and cook food on bare bones.

As Rescue Tools

Even though this is not news, folding knives are common for rescue teams and first responders. Since they are sleek tools that cut and treat wounds, they are always part of the toolkit. You can use them to make bandages out of cloth and rescue car crash victims by cutting seat belts off them.

Firefighters use the most impressive spring folding knives to open jammed doors. They are also used in all emergency spaces to save precious lives and help rescue teams survive.

Best Folding Knife For Self Defense

If you look at the sheer amount and types of folding knives, they can help any cause. The most common use of folding knives is as self-defense weapons, and certain ones are more helpful. The best folding knife for self-defense is perhaps the karambit knife.

It is a spring-assisted folding knife with a claw-like, curved blade. It closes into its handle and can be sprung open when you need it with a click. It is perfect for fighting as it also has a finger ring for better grip on the weapon. The blade is specifically designed to slash and rip and is quite effective if you know how to use it well.

Most people think that a lot can go wrong with a knife as a weapon. But karambit knives, if mastered, can be effective for self-defense. They compliment the natural shape of the hand and make them swift and harder to disarm.

It is also usable in different directions because of the curved blade. You can move it upwards, downwards, and sideways depending on the attack you are facing. Since it is spring powered, it can be used with one hand and stay safe otherwise.

Best Folding Pocket Knife For Blade Enthusiasts

Most of you might not be common knowledge, but folding knives are also beloved collectibles. They are easy to collect because they are less expensive and come in various colors and designs. 

You will find them in antique, classic, ornamental, and even themed versions in the local market. If you look them up online, you will find a large collection of all these varieties at a lower price.

You should look up online stores for all your knife-related hobbies. They are not only one of the best-stocked stores with diverse designs, but they also sell wholesale knives. You can get the same quality of knives from them but at competitive market rates. 

They are a haven for collectors who need to buy more than a few knives to build their collection. You will surely find the best folding knife under 100 that will trick you here.

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