Best Car Dash Cams That Save And Secure Your Journey

In the market, there are a variety of dash cams available in different shapes, sizes and models. The different models offer varying features depending on one’s preference and budget. When buying, you must get something that keeps you and your car safe when on the road. You can only achieve this by getting the best cams available. 

Here’s a guide to help you with your selection:

1. Kent CamEye CarCam 2

This car dash cam tops the list because it offers some of the best features. Its 2MP dual camera offers an inside and outside ultrawide view of 140°. The camera offers safety for men, women and children in cars. The camera has the following features:-

  • Live video streaming with 2-way calling
  • Enabled with infrared night vision
  • Route playback with advanced trip analytics and GPS tracking
  • Has an in-built battery of 3000mAh with 4G/Wi-fi connectivity
  • Allows optional recording on cloud
  • Allows recording in a parked mode in SD card and cloud

2. Nextbase 622GW

The car dash cam offers video quality of 4K and stabilization with a 140 degrees viewing angle. It also offers geolocation services that show stricken vehicles within a three-meter radius. The 4K makes the video footage crisp and detailed, even in poorly lit conditions. In case of an accident at night or extreme conditions, it is easy to spot registration numbers. The front camera has a polarizing filter to help reduce glare from windscreens. The image stabilization smoothens the pumps and shakes caused by potholes and poor road surfaces.

3. Rexing V1P

The front and rear cameras have a g sensor and a 2.4 LCD screen. The camera offers an ultra-wide viewing angle, unmatchable temperature tolerance and an optional suction mount. Both cameras record in 1080p at 30 fps with 160 degrees viewing angle. The technology behind this device is a wide dynamic range (WDR) and a Sony Starvis image sensor, improving night vision. When the g sensor detects an impact, it automatically locks clips. This feature ensures that the footage is not deleted or overwritten. The camera’s beauty is that you can lock footage manually by pushing the OK button.

4. Thinkware U1000

This is a good commercial vehicle dash cam that comes with driver assistance features. It has a high video quality of 4K/2K and records clear, crisp footage during the day and night. Whether it is dark, you are sure you will get clear details in case of an incident. The front camera records in 4K at 30fps or 2K at 60fps, and the rear at 2K at 30fps. It also comes with driver assistance features such as:-

  • Urban forward collision warning system alerts about road hazards on low-speed roads.
  • Forward collision warning system to alert drivers before hitting a car in front. 
  • Front vehicle departure warning to inform drivers the car in front has taken off. 
  • Lane departure warning system that works by helping drivers avoid drifting into another lane.

The front camera has a viewing angle of 150 degrees, and the rear is 156 degrees. It has a high-temperature tolerance great for hot climates.

Modern technology has evolved, and better dash cams are being produced. In the list are some of the best dash cams in 2023. The market is flooded with different models with different features to suit everyone’s preferences. Next time you buy a dash cam, choose one with the best specifications that suit the purpose.

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