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Best Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Pakistan

Internet Service Provider

Pakistan Telecommunication Internet Service Provider


PTCL is the leading internet provider in Pakistan and by far the most widely available and used provider. It is a semiconductor company with a strong fiber backbone, including its underwater cables.

The company mainly relies on its copper network to deliver one of the fastest Internet connections in the country. But in the high internet consumption zone of Pakistan, they have improved all major exchanges following their NTP program and supply fiber at home or at Gpon. It is based on several lines, but it can offer up to 100mbps average consumer speeds.

Wateen Telecom

Wateen Telecom is a well-known internet service provider. The company only works with WiMAX technology in Lahore and Multan. For different regions in the two cities, package prices differ. The prices of the package vary. The company offers high speed internet, continuous Internet services to its customers worldwide. Wateen also offers all packages with analog television and digital televisions.


Nayatel has become one of Pakistan’s best companies, providing users with the best internet quality. This company provides service providers to thousands of customers in Pakistan’s main cities in confined Pakistani cities starting with Capital Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad. Nayatel is responsible for the positive assessment and feedback of various segments because of high-speed internet and various internet packages. It’s a bit expensive, but Nayatel ensures Internet quality and speed.


Pakistan’s biggest suppliers of mobile and Internet services are Mobile Communications Limited, or PMCL, known as Jazz 4G. Jazz 4G. Jazz 4g provides a wide range of mobile and internet services to prepaid and postpaid customers, including individual and business customers. Its Islamabad headquarters are. Mr. Aamir Ibrahim is the current CEO of data giants.

Jazz is operated by more than 6500 km of cable Fiber Optic from over 8500 active in-house call centers in Pakistan. Huawei, Nokia-Siemens, Alcatel, and ZTE are the main network suppliers for Jazz. They cover radio, microwave, and interruptions in the network.

However, Jazz 4g was born in the 2015 fusion of Mobilink and Warid. Jazz has been recognized as a mobile link before. Nearly 60 million customers are now covered by the two giants across the country. Almost 36% of the total share of the telecommunications market is the most important mobile network provider.


Zong was the first cell company to obtain a 4G license at the 2014 spectrum auction. For most 4G users, Pakistan has since become the number one choice. Zong is the most used 4G network in Pakistan, with over five million users. It also operates its 3G network with approximately ten million clients.

In May 2007, in Paktel Limited the name of China Mobile Pakistan has been changed. In May 2007 China Mobile would have increased its CMPak stakes. May 2007. May 2007. On 1 April 2008, Paktel was restored to Zong.

With more than six million active subscribers, Zong 4G achieved a new milestone. With a continuous focus on the customer needs Zong 4G continues to build its network and service to meet the customer needs, thus creating a singular mix between affordability and seamless connectivity.

In 1991, as Paktel, Zong started cable and wireless operations. It was the first company in Pakistan to be licensed for free mobile services. The company performed AMPS services until 2004 when GSM services were initiated. In 2003, the Millicom Corporation acquired Paktel from Cable & Wireless. In January 2007, Millicom International Cellular S.A. wanted to sell its shares in Paktel Limited to China Mobile.


In January 2001, Pak Telecom Mobile Limited launched its company or service under the Ufone brand name. Ufone has been actively strengthening its network from the outset. All customers love Ufone packages. Packages for Ufone Call are popular and give the user numerous web paquets.

Ufone is an enormous and confident body but never transferred to 4G. Customers expect additional advancement. Call Uphones Repeated consumers, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social applications, could use the regular online packages to offer free social networks.

If there is no free social package, MBs will be paid at regular rates for additional use. Ufone offers 40 MB of website information every day in just 10 rupees, plus tax when dealing with the daily bucket. The kit will last one day. The package will automatically expire one day later. To enable this deal, dial *804# and use the services provided. Customer service.


The Telenor Group is based in Norway and maintains strong foundations in the international wireless carrier Pakistani market. Telenor is one of the world’s biggest mobile telephone companies operating in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Asia. It is also the auction winner for 4G 850 MHz. Telenor offers different 4G packages for its customers.

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