Best Ways to pass the Data Engineering DP-203 Exam with Good Grades

Each cloud service provider provides a certification unique to their Data Engineering offerings. A DP 203 certification is intended for Data Engineers. Jobs in data engineering are highly sought after. And with a certification in the field knowledge enhances and you can demonstrate your talent.

Azure Data Engineer Job Description

As an Azure Data Engineer, it will be your job to extend and improve data and pipeline designs and streamline the information flow between teams. In addition to helping software developers, database architects, data analysts, and data scientists, you will also ensure that a uniform data delivery framework is set up across all active projects. 

Azure Data Engineer: Roles and Responsibilities 

Azure data engineers are responsible for a variety of data-related tasks, such as:

  • Setting up Azure data storage services
  • Building and managing safe and legal data processing pipelines
  • Absorbing streaming and batch data
  • Establishing security requirements
  • Finding performance bottlenecks, and 
  • Monitoring and optimizing data platforms 

DP 203 Certification: Skills Required

The integration, transformation and consolidation of data from diverse unstructured and structured data systems into a framework is a skill that candidates must possess.

DP 203 Certification: Exam Prerequisites

Candidates for this certification should be proficient in data processing languages such as Scala, SQL, or Python and have a thorough understanding of architectural data patterns and parallel processing. Further, a minimum of six to twelve months of work experience in the Azure cloud is needed.

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DP 203 Certification: Target Audience

Candidates who desire to develop a career in the Microsoft Azure industry are the target audience for the Microsoft Azure Certified Data Engineering program. The Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate exam validates candidates’ proficiency in data engineering in Microsoft Azure.

DP-203: Exam Pattern

The Microsoft DP-203 test will consist of 40–60 questions, some of which may be multiple-choice, structured in the correct sequence, scenario-based single response, or drop-type questions.

The exam has a time limit of 120 minutes, and a minimum score of 700 is required to pass. The Microsoft DP-203 exam will cost USD 165 and can only be taken in English.

Topic Wise Weightage

Microsoft DP-203 tests candidates on the following topics-

  • Design and Implement Data Storage 40-45%
  • Design and Develop Data Processing 25-30%
  • Design and Implement Data Security 10-15%
  • Monitor, Optimize Data Storage and Data Processing 10-15%

Why should you obtain an Azure certification?

Undoubtedly, investing in a cloud career is a good move. Why? The demand from businesses for cloud talent exceeds the available supply. And there are no signs that the demand will diminish.

  • According to Microsoft, about 365,000 new businesses sign up for Azure annually.
  • More than 95% of Fortune 500 companies employ Azure cloud services. So there are more and more opportunities for Azure Data Engineers.
  • In the future, Azure will feature in the highest-paying certifications, according to a Global Knowledge survey.
  • Microsoft-certified personnel has an advantage for better opportunities in the cloud.

Its recommended that you should get a DP-203 certification training and refine your skills to clear your exam.

Why Microsoft Azure? 

Microsoft has been able to enhance Azure penetration by harnessing its enterprise footprint. Employers conversant with the cloud and the benefits of a multi-cloud approach are drawn to Azure certifications.

If you’re thinking about making a Microsoft Azure career, you might be interested in learning how Azure cloud certifications affect earnings. The average Azure Data Engineer salary in India is INR 6.5 Lakh, ranging from INR 4.4 Lakh to 15.0 Lakh. 

DP-203 Test Strategies

1. Time management – Spend time improving your time management techniques while studying for practice exams.

2. Reputation System– 700 out of 1000 points are anticipated. But that doesn’t necessarily imply that 70% of the queries are accurate. This is because the scores for each question vary depending on the difficulty level. Each right response will add some points to the total.

3. No negative marking – Attempt each exam question as there will be no negative marking. 

4. Elimination of choices– Many candidates follow this approach for every exam question. Using this technique is quite useful and with it, you can quickly discard 50% of the responses. 

5. Knowledge review– Each segment of the certification exam gives you the chance to earn points. If a question is confusing you, come back to it later. 

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Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate certification is given to candidates who pass the DP 203 certification exam. Hopefully, this guide was useful to you. Best wishes for your certification path.

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