Budget-Friendly Vacation: 5 Travel Apps to Save Money

Going on a road trip and want to find a cheap SUV rental? Yes, a rental car will give you unforgettable driving moments on scenic roads. Plus, it’s also a great way to save money. You can rent a car anywhere in the world for a low price. 

However, travel is not only about car rental. It’s also about buying air tickets, booking a hotel room, dining at a restaurant, and other related expenses. All these things can make a huge impact on your travel budget. 

But are there any ways to avoid overspending on your trip and make it cheaper? The answer is yes. There are some great travel apps today that can help you save money. Install them on your smartphone and make your trip more budget!

Budget-Friendly Travel Apps


Do you know the situation when your friends or colleagues can’t honestly share travel expenses, and as a result, someone remains offended? Splitwise is an online app that will help you avoid financial confusion when traveling with a company. You simply enter all the cost data into Splitwise, and the total amount is divided equally. 

The application also allows you to keep expenses statistics, remind debtors of unpaid amounts and always have access to expense reports. Such a service will be useful even for a joint purchase in a store. The only drawback of the app is the lack of currency conversion.

Trail Wallet 

This budgeting app requires minimal effort from the customer. All you need to do is set the total amount and the limit you plan to spend in one day on vacation. If you exceed a certain limit, the application tells you about it. The program can also send notifications if the limit is almost exhausted. 

The main disadvantage of Trail Wallet is the manual entry of all expenses. You may set the limit amount in any currency or several at once. The application works even with no Internet connection. When the network connection reappears, the application automatically updates the exchange rate and recalculates all costs.


This clever app finds great deals when buying airline tickets. Skiplagged helps budget travelers travel less costly by using the concept of hidden city ticketing. For example, suppose an air passenger asks the application for the cost of a Paris – New York flight. In that case, the system gives an obvious, rather an expensive option for a direct flight and offers to take a connecting flight and save money. 

Travel Apps to Save Money

The catch for the airline is that the passenger flies only to the transfer point and doesn’t need to go to the final point of the route. Skiplagged helps users save hundreds of dollars, but it’s not profitable for airlines. 

Too good to go 

This app is ideal if you don’t mind eating out in cafes and restaurants while saving on food costs. Too good to go allows you to buy almost expired ready-made food in restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores.

Catering establishments throw away about one-third of all cooked food every day, which is quite ruinous for the establishments themselves and the planet. After all, now a progressive society is opposed to the policy of excessive consumption. 

By using this service, you can monitor the nearest cafes and restaurants and find out what discounted dishes they offer at the moment. As a rule, you can order and pick up food between lunch and dinner at certain times.


It’s an excellent solution for those who booked a hotel long before the trip at a sky-high price and found out shortly after departure that the same hotel room is available much cheaper. The service will notify the user of the price reduction and offer to cancel the old reservation and book the same room again at a better price. 

The main condition is that the booking cancellation in a particular hotel must be free. Otherwise, you will have to pay for such a service.

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