Anker Innovations Brands Unveil New Product Lineup at CES 2022

Anker Innovations, a global pioneer in mobile charging and consumer electronics, has unveiled new products under their brand names Anker, AnkerWork, eufy Security, and Nebula. The new products include:

  • An AI-powered video-conferencing bar with integrated lighting.
  • An intelligent video doorbell with two cameras.
  • An ultra-portable laser projector supports AndroidTV.

The products and others will be available for viewing in Las Vegas during the Pepcom media event before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

AnkerWork B600

The AnkerWork B600 is an all-in-one design that combines two cameras, four microphones, built-in speakers, and a supplementary light bar. Perfect for use in your home or office, Its compact design is placed over an external display. The B600 is compatible with all current video-conferencing platforms when connected via USB-C to deliver high-quality video and audio and keep the desk clear.

Its VoiceRadar technology, paired with dynamic beamforming and an A.I. algorithm, allows users to make full-duplex, clear, and crystal clear calls even in noisy environments. Moreover, the camera with 2K capability features auto-focus, adjustment of FOV, and image enhancement, while using its MagicSight technology to automate lighting adjustment, which includes the color temperature and brightness.

It is set to be launched in the US at $219.99, the UK for PS219.99, and the EU for EUR229.99. The B600 can be pre-ordered at Ankerwork beginning today. It will be available through Amazon Anker and other retailers around the globe on the 25th of January.

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Anker 535 Portable Power Station (PowerHouse 512 Wh)

The 535 Portable Power Station is the first all-in-one storage device for power with a robust design, numerous charging ports, and an inbuilt lighting bar with an output of 512Wh. It can charge all mobile devices, including:

  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Small appliances and medical equipment like CPAP devices

This makes it a perfect device when there’s no access to power in outdoor activities (camping or tailgating), blackouts, or natural catastrophes.

With a premium LFP battery as its base:

  • A portable power station can endure more than 3000 charging cycles, e
  • Extended life of 6 times that of the previous versions that comprised the PowerHouse.
  • It has four AC + 1 DC outlets and 3 USB-A ports, and a 600W Power Delivery USB port.

The portable 535 Power Station will be sold for purchase in the US only on Amazon.

Source: Aithority

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