Criminal Defense Lawyers: Criminal Law Expertise

Criminal law expertise is the ability to effectively advocate on behalf of those accused of committing a crime. This necessitates substantial legal knowledge and experience, as well as excellent interpersonal abilities.

For those pursuing this career, an interest in justice and society is usually necessary. Graduate-level coursework in political science, psychology, criminal justice, history, or philosophy can be beneficial as well.

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) is the premier organization representing and elevating the cause of criminal defense lawyers worldwide to guarantee justice and due process for those accused of crimes or misconduct. Established in 1958, NACDL boasts over 8,000 direct members worldwide as well as 90 state, local and international affiliate organizations with 40,000 attorneys.

Membership in NACDL is an invaluable investment in your career and a way to expand your legal knowledge, build your network, take advantage of member-only discounts and stay abreast of criminal law developments. Among the many benefits you’ll receive include access to The Champion magazine, our top-notch defense-only CLE program and discounted educational products.

The Champion offers timely, informative articles written for and by criminal defense lawyers that cover the latest developments in DUI/DWI, grand jury proceedings, habeas corpus, search and seizure laws, death penalty procedures, exclusionary rule violations, federal sentencing guidelines and forfeiture procedures. Furthermore, The Champion provides coverage of legal news events as well as NACDL conferences.
The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA)

The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) is a nonprofit organization with over 18,000 members nationwide. Its members range from experienced paralegal professionals to students enrolled in accredited paralegal programs at universities.

NALA provides its members with a wealth of educational and informational resources, from articles to journals and books. Furthermore, the organization boasts an expansive job board as well as two credentialing programs.

NALA’s most coveted honor is the Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) designation, which is a globally-recognized professional certification and the most commonly used paralegal credential in America. Holding this credential comes with numerous benefits such as free continuing education courses, discounted travel to NALA’s annual convention and membership in other associations with similar values. Furthermore, members have access to an extensive library of legal resources as well as recognition through awards. Searching for the best criminal law firms melbourne?

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers(NACDA)

The National Association of Criminal Defense lawyers(NACDA) is an illustrious organization dedicated to achieving a society in which all individuals receive fair, rational and humane treatment within the criminal justice system. NACDA members include private criminal defense lawyers, public defenders, active U.S. military defense counsel, law professors and judges who strive for an impartial justice system that upholds people’s liberties.

NACDA is the preeminent professional bar association for criminal defense attorneys, boasting 12,000+ direct members across 28 countries as well as 90 state, provincial and local affiliate organizations with 40,000+. NACDA provides its members with numerous advanced educational opportunities such as Champion magazine, an online resource center, briefs & motion bank, trial skills training program, CLE courses – plus much more!

Tamas Tabor offers his clients the best of both worlds: an aggressive advocacy for criminal law combined with a humanistic approach that prioritizes listening, understanding, and counseling throughout every stage of their case. Through these strategies, his clients often manage to overcome challenges encountered while navigating the criminal justice system and achieve successful outcomes.


NACDL CLE is the go-to source for criminal law expertise. Our faculty of nationally-renowned figures, high-profile politicians and experts across various specializations provide top-notch CLE programming that allows members to enhance their practice.

NACDL’s mission includes offering members the chance to learn and enhance their expertise in areas such as capital trial advocacy, appellate advocacy, forensic science, and other criminal law topics. With our self-study CLE programs, melbourne lawyers for breach of an intervation order can earn credits without leaving their home or office.

NACDL CLE is dedicated to producing the highest quality, most innovative and relevant CLE for criminal defense attorneys. To accomplish this objective, NACDL’s staff, Vice Chairs and Advisory Group work in concert to guarantee on-time completion of all CLE programs, minimize significant production delays, cut expenses and increase NACDL’s likelihood of successful fiscal performance.

It is essential to retain an experienced lawyer for this phase of the case, as judges have great discretion when making sentencing decisions. By providing a persuasive and comprehensive argument during sentencing, your defense team may be able to persuade the judge to order a lower sentence.

The Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to counsel for defendants charged with crimes. To effectively represent their client in the criminal justice system and throughout each phase of trial preparation, attorneys must have a comprehensive knowledge of both jury selection and appeals processes.

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