Get Many Designs of Custom Food Boxes

Design your custom food boxes with degradable Kraft stock

When it is the matter of food packaging or the packaging of edible products, the most secure packaging stock is Kraft. Therefore, the Kraft stock is considered ideal for packaging various eatable products.

Several restaurants and fast food suppliers use this degradable packaging solution to deliver and take away their delicious items. Kraft is non-reactive packaging stock that keeps the food fresh and warm inside the box. From general observation, fast-food manufacturers use Kraft boxes differently to present your trading items stylishly.

Kraft delivery boxes can be designed in different styles. Like you can choose a different version of Kraft box for the packaging of burgers and a unique gable bag for the delivery of any meal, combo of burgers and fries along with a drink.

Custom Burger Boxes made with durable Kraft material keep your burger fresh and maintain its taste for the time being. Unfortunately, a gracefully printed Kraft box with tempting pictures of burgers can increase the temptation for your products. These durable boxes keep the moisture away from the burgers and prevent the fries from getting soggy inside the packaging boxes.

Packaging Forest LLC offers versatile options of colors, sizes,s and designs that may assist you in selecting the best box according to your need and requirement. In addition, multiple options can be utilized as food delivery packaging.

Gable Bag Style

Gabble bag is a famous packaging style popular for food delivery and distribution. You can design these boxes with a brand’s logo or design the interior of your gable bag concerning your brand’s theme.

Gable Bag with 1-2-3 Bottom

A variation in the gable bag is that it came with a 1-2-3 bottom option. In 1-2-3 bottom bags, three flaps are interlocked at the bottom side to provide maximum protection to your edible items. Gable bags made of Kraft stock is durable; you can design them with handles that make them easy to carry for the customers.

Kraft Burger Boxes

Burger Boxes made of decomposable Kraft stock can carry your burgers; burgers remain fresh and tasty inside these boxes. In addition, you can print the burger’s flavor on the box.

Kraft Pizza Boxes

It has been observed that 90% of restaurants used corrugated boxes or Kraft boxes to deliver their yummy pizzas. Custom Pizza boxes with sturdy Kraft maintain their freshness and ensure safe and damage-free delivery.

Customers will never pay if they get the pizza without a ruined topping structure. So to satisfy your customers and get an adequate tip from them, you need to present your pizza with a fresh look.

Lunch Boxes

Lunch boxes or meal boxes made with Kraft stock are used to deliver yummy treats like a combo of fries with burgers etc. these boxes are also known as deal boxes. A perfect and freshly served meal will impact your brand and leave long-lasting taste effects on your buds.

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