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Detail Guide on iPhone Spy App

iPhone Spy App

Do you want to know about the best iPhone spy app? Well! Today we discuss the application that enables users to spy on the iPhone. You can search on the web and get to know dozens of applications and services offering you to monitor iOS devices. Now questions arise on how to know which application is the best to track an iPhone.

Many people are desperate to get their hands on technology that empowers them to have insight into the iPhone. They want to do surveillance on iPhone, but without the installation of a solution. It is not possible to spy on iPhone without an application.

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What is the iPhone spy app?

It is monitoring software for iPhone. Users can install an app on their iOS device having physical access to the target iPhone. You can monitor and track iOS devices without them knowing. It is easy to install on the target iOS device, and it may take a couple of minutes.  It has plenty of jailbreak features that empower you to know what is happening on iOS devices. You can spy on iPhone and monitor text messages logs, WhatsApp, call logs, view installed apps, device info, and many more.

Best iPhone spy solution in a Nutshell

Do you want to consider the best iPhone spy app but you have to know a few things mentioned below.

  • Provide hassle-free services
  • Offer 24/7 customer support service
  • Application easy to install & activate
  • Provide powerful & jailbreak features
  • Provide multiple subscription plans
  • Encourage digital parenting & employee monitoring
  • Discourage illicit & intrusive surveillance

Today we have come up with the best iPhone spy application that is well-known in the market. So, let’s discuss the application and how to use it on the target device to spy on iPhone devices using iPhone spying software.

Is it necessary to jailbreak a device to spy on iPhone?

Yes, it is necessary for the legitimate spy app for iPhone to use on jailbreak devices. Without jailbreaking, iPhones don’t provide you administrative access, and Apple has very strict security. So, the jailbreak process has become necessary for iPhone spy users.

How does iPhone spy solution work on iOS devices?

Do you want to do surveillance on an iPhone? You have to best monitoring software to get the job done. So let’s get to know how you can get your hands on the best iPhone surveillance software.

Steps to use Jailbreak

Here are the following steps you need to know to follow the steps given below.

Step1: subscribe to the iPhone tracking application

You need to visit the webpage of the OneSpy website and visit the solutions mention at the top of the home page. You need to go to the iPhone spy software webpage and tap on the buy now page. It will take you to the services page, and you can tap on iPhone. Finally, you have got the subscription plans, and choose the one that suits you. You will receive a password and ID, and you can get it via your email inbox.

Step2: Jailbreak target iPhone device & install a spy app

You need to jailbreak your target iPhone device and end up the process successfully. Once you have done with the jailbreak process on the iPhone, start the installation process. Complete the installation process successfully, and activate the iPhone monitoring software.

Step3: Get physical access on the phone

You can use the password and ID you have got via subscription and access the web control panel. Additionally, users can access the web control panel and activate the iPhone spy features to have insight into the iPhones.

Top features of iPhone spy software jailbreak solution

Here are some features that you need to use on your target jailbreak device. Every feature is result-oriented and provides you time-to-time results via the online web control panel.

  • Contacts View Installed Apps
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Device Info
  • iMessages
  • Notes
  • Appointments
  • Call logs


These are the features of the iPhone spy solution for jailbreak iOS devices, and you can use these features to set parental control on kid’s iPhones. Users can also monitor and track business-owned devices to protect their business intellectual property and from data breaching activities. The iPhone spy software is the best tool for doing surveillance on jailbreak iPhones.

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