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Differences Between Mobile Insurance and its Guarantee

Mobile Insurance

When you buy a mobile phone, like any other purchase you make of that type, you have a guarantee. The phone warranty covers any manufacturing defect. If the terminal fails during the time of the same, which may be legal or may be extended by the establishment, the repair is covered at no cost to the customer. The guarantee is a customer’s right and is mandatory.

On the other hand, there is the mobile insurance. While the warranty covers manufacturing defects or failures due to the device itself, the insurance covers accidents. That is to say, if the phone stops working because a part has been damaged and did not last as long as it should, it is replaced by the guarantee. But if the phone falls and breaks the screen, then that would be covered by the phone’s insurance, since it is an accident outside the manufacture of the mobile.

Mobile phone insurance is a voluntary contract that lasts for the duration set by the client and the insurance company, normally one year, which is renewed if both parties so agree. Do not confuse the duration of the contract with the form of payment. Many times, an annual contract is agreed, even if it is paid monthly. The client has the obligation to pay throughout the year just as if he made an installment purchase except in the cases that may be included in the contract.

The guarantees of the telephone are included in the law. The establishment where the device is purchased can enlarge them, but cannot shorten them. Insurance coverage is set by the insurance company. The client can choose which coverages they want and which ones they don’t, either one by one or by choosing between different packages that are offered, the most common.

This means that from one insurance company to another the conditions and prices can vary a lot, so you have to compare before contracting with any of them. Thus, we can always get the maximum coverage for the least amount. It is important to understand what is included and what is not before signing a contract to avoid misunderstandings or thinking that we have covered risks that are not really included in the insurance.

Insurance vs warranty

What’s the difference between insurance and warranty? A warranty is a term used in the purchase of a product to ensure that the item is covered against defects. So, if your new iPad has a small scratch on one of the screens and you buy it, you get a warranty that you can use to get a replacement iPad on the same day. On the other hand, an insurance policy is more like an umbrella that covers you when something bad happens. It doesn’t contain any guarantee.

Getting insured is an important decision that should be taken seriously. There are different types of insurance available to you, but they are all very important in deciding what you need to protect yourself against and what you should protect yourself against. The main thing insurers will look at is how your vehicle was built and what you paid for it. As a result, they will want to know that you have a warranty in place. While there are many different types of warranties out there, one of the most important is the Limited Warranty for the vehicle.

Insurance is a type of protection you can obtain through a company. You can use insurance to protect assets that are valuable to you and/or your business. One of the most common forms of protection you can obtain through insurance is a warranty, which is something that’s added to a product. Sometimes you may need a warranty to protect your investment in a product. Other times, insurance may not be the best option because you don’t have a particular liability risk involved.

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