Different Packaging Stocks: Trends in the Packaging Industry

The packaging gives your product the identity you want it to have. It will make people think about buying your pre-rolls when they see them on a shelf in their local dispensary. The packaging stocks industry has changed drastically over the last few years, with brands always coming up with new trends and materials.

To help you find the best packaging stock, I will talk about different types of stocks and how to use them for your pre-roll box!

Importance of Choosing Quality Packaging Stocks

When trying to make your brand stand out and be different, the packaging stock must fit with what you want. A great example of this can be seen in a company called Apple.

They are always one step ahead when it comes to trends which means they find new materials every year for their phones instead of sticking on plastic or metal. You need to consider how much product you have left after opening the package because if people keep buying due to its design, you will sell more!

Packaging stocks come in many shapes and sizes, so finding something unique shouldn’t be hard, especially since everyone has already used cardboard boxes or bubble wrap for years. So, you need to choose some special stock that you can use for your pre-rolls.

Trendy Packaging Stocks


One packaging stock that is becoming more and more popular in the industry is these little paper bags. They come with cute designs, like animal faces or funny shapes, to get people’s attention when they open their packages.

They even come in all different sizes. So, you can buy some small ones for single-use or bigger ones if it’s a bulk purchase! Your customers will notice what an adorable presentation this makes, especially since most of us have been using plastic baggies for years.

The basic advantage of using paper packaging is that it’s inexpensive and can be recycled. These bags don’t have a shelf life either, so you can stock up on them for months before they expire!

Recycled Cardboard

Another trend we’ve noticed lately is recycled materials being used to create new products out of old things like bottles, wrappers, or boxes from other companies just because one company wanted to be as sustainable as possible by not wasting anything but creating the best boxes to pack these pre-rolls.

This cardboard is not only muscular but also provides an economical packaging option. You have to include a small window so your customers can get the full effect of what they’re about.


Another material that has been trending lately and will continue for years to come is metal containers. This packaging method isn’t only sustainable. But also protects your product while giving off an elegant feel, which helps with brand recognition when people see these products on shelves or in dispensaries across their city!

The basic advantage of this material is the increased support for the packed products. This material is rigid, so your products do not tear down during transportation and storage.

The only disadvantage of this material is the cost. The high manufacturing cost is the major reason not all producers opt for this type of packaging. However, if you want to improve the quality and feel of your product, then go with metal containers!

Plastic (PET) Bottles

Another material that has become very popular in recent years is plastic bottles made from PET resin. Cannabis companies most commonly use these. They’re easy to design and print on, which helps differentiate products easily while saving time.

This plastic bottle comes with many advantages, including:

  • Increased seepage resistance
  • Lightweight and easy to carry for consumers
  • Ideal for advertising, labeling, and branding

These plastic bottles are also recyclable, which is a great advantage. This type of packaging material has become very popular in the cannabis industry. It’s cheap but still looks stylish! Another important factor influencing this package’s popularity is its lightweight properties.

Consumers want something they can take with them easily without feeling burdened by the additional weight. If you offer your customers a product that looks good and smells amazing while being functional all at once, people will be more likely to purchase from you again.

Brands that use metal containers or glass jars do not have such problems as well. Since their products look luxurious and expensive, attracting many clients towards them, this packaging is not advisable for companies who need to transport their products around from one location to another because it can easily break and cause a mess!

Kraft Stock

Kraft is another trendy stock to make pre-roll packaging boxes. Companies prefer Kraft boxes wholesale to pack their variety of pre-rolls. Kraft box packaging gives a more natural look to your products. It is also very durable and easy to carry around!

These packages are very popular in the market as they are cost-effective and give an expensive look to your product. Let us know if you have any other opinions to share. The basic advantage of using this box is that it makes your product look classy and expensive. It gives a very sophisticated feel to the packaging stock you use for pre-rolls.


It is important to choose quality packaging stocks for pre-roll boxes. When considering the type of material, consider how your customers will react and where they’ll put their items in storage.

For example, if you sell glassware or other fragile products that need protection from bumps and drops, a more sturdy stock like metal may be best suited for shipping purposes. At the same time, the paper would provide more versatility so it can function as promotional materials instead of being used just for packing supplies.

Your business needs depend on what works best with your inventory management strategy; however, we hope this article has helped shed some light on the trends in the industry. If not these specific types, then maybe one of them at least gave you some insight on packaging stocks you may not have thought of before and how they can play a role in your business.

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