The use of display packaging boxes in the packaging industry is mainly for store sales. The function is to increase market recognition and play a protective role in transportation and storage.

However, I am extraordinarily dissatisfied with the current way of doing business in many companies when they put their products into large display boxes, customized boxes, or wooden cases.

They put them on shelves directly. As a result, consumers like us would like to buy their products but stop at them due to their poor appearance after seeing this situation. What kind of concept do you think?

There are three types of tea in two regular boxes and one big box and custom display boxes in front of me, making people think it is very high quality compared with the two other types of tea in boxes.

However, if I want to buy the same kind of tea, I will choose the one in a plastic bag instead. It is because I think it looks better than the others and is more expensive. If you sell your products through display packaging boxes, consider this issue carefully before doing anything else!

There is another reason. Many customers give the packaging box as a gift to others who receive it, and they will be very embarrassed to see rust marks and stains on the custom display boxes. What kind of concept do you think?

Many customers give me a cup as a gift, which makes me very happy because I like it. However, when I received this cup from my son as a gift, I let him know that he did not put his cup into a proper storage place, which damaged it. As shown in the photo below:

However, if we could use the display boxes for prolonged periods by hanging them instead of directly putting them onto shelves or racks without support.

How does the packaging industry build display packaging boxes?

At present, manufacturers such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronic appliances, and daily necessities offer both small and large-scale box packs.

The reason for offering large display boxes and customized boxes packaging boxes is to increase market recognition, provide good transportation and storage protection, and create a good shopping environment. You must know that this requires the store’s salesperson’s understanding.

Does the display packaging box helpful for my business?

From the above analysis, cosmetic packaging boxes and daily necessities custom display boxes are the most high-end. They are mainly by boutiques, supermarkets, and hypermarkets as a place of sale. Some stores also require their logo to decorate the package box, which makes your retailing more impressive.

The packaging box in the security is generally used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other high-end commodities. The use of display packaging boxes in various industries is also significant.

This will affect your store’s reputation when customers receive it! What kind of concept do you think? Let’s look at an example:

It is a multi-functional bag that is very useful for storing children’s toys! The mom uses the bag to carry her son back and forth while playing in the living room, putting toys into it when she calls out. It is quite practical to wash the bag after cleaning up.

Benefits of Custom-made Display Boxes

So what are some other benefits associated with not only purchasing custom-made display boxes?

  • Protection:

One of the most important reasons people purchase customized boxes and custom-printed corrugated plastic boxes is to ensure their products arrive safely at their destination. Regardless of what is inside the box, you are not giving your product the best chance to sell without the proper presentation.

  • Scratch Resistance:

Many people also purchase our custom-printed display boxes for scratch resistance. You might be surprised how many products end up in stores with visible scuffs and scratches even though they came out of their packaging looking pristine.

And this is an issue that will cause someone to make a split-second decision on whether or not to buy it simply because they can see something overlooked by everyone else along the way.

  • Eye Catching:

When you stop and think about it, thousands of items compete for someone’s attention.

Whether it’s a product on a store shelf or an item sitting in someone’s home, so if you want to ensure that someone takes notice of what you are selling, you want to achieve the goal, so you have to look again at the importance of such type of display packaging boxes carrying.

This brings us back to the benefits of having custom display boxes made by us; they protect your products and prevent them from becoming overlooked when stacked with other items in stores.

And whether it’s for scratch resistance or eye-catching appeal. Our display boxes are for sale here at Display Boxes Now. Help give your products the best chance possible at success.

How much do display packaging boxes cost?

The cost of a custom display box is not an easy question to answer; it varies by company. Some companies will give you prices after seeing the design, some before, and some would like to know everything about your product first.

A reasonable price for a wooden display box is between $200 – $500 (small), $400 – $1500 (medium) and $800 – $2000 (large). Custom metal boxes can be more expensive, starting at around $800 and going up depending on which material is used: steel, aluminum, or brass.


So in the last, I want to conclude that if you want to show loyalty to your customer. So try to display your thing in front of the customer in the display box. That customer may decide without touching the product and may not complain or return after some time.

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