In 2019, The National Rosacea Society, United States, updated their standard guidelines for rosacea treatment. It was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Several new recommendations for topical therapies, oral medications, and light-based devices have been included in this guideline. Different ways are used for rosacea treatment in Dubai and other parts of the world. This guideline reviewed different treatments used for rosacea in terms of their efficacy and safety.

In this article, we have shared different treatments used for rosacea by the best dermatologists. Keep reading to learn more.

Rosacea Treatments

Rosacea treatment was carried out with different means. Some effective treatments for rosacea are below:


According to The National Rosacea Society, different medications have proved helpful for treating rosacea. Usually, a doctor prescribes a suitable medicine after careful examination. However, patients shouldn’t self-prescribe any medicine or treatment.

Some prescription medication for rosacea is mentioned below:

Topical Medications

Some of the best dermatologists prescribe topical creams and gels to their patients for treating rosacea. Patients are required to apply the cream/gel on the affected area once or twice daily, depending on the intensity. Some topical medications are incredibly effective as they show results within 12-24 hours. However, such medicines need to be used regularly to maintain the results.

Some medications, unlike the ones mentioned above, don’t show immediate results. They take time, but the results are worth it. Typically, the results become noticeable in 2-6 weeks.

Oral Medications

Besides topical medicine, oral medication is also available for rosacea treatment. A doctor would usually prescribe an oral antibiotic or an oral acne drug. These oral medicines can help treat moderate to severe rosacea. It can also clear out pimples and blemishes. However, these medications must use without a doctor’s recommendation as they can cause complications.


Different therapies can use for treating rosacea. The most common ones are:

  • Laser Therapy
  • Light Base Therapies

These therapies can help reduce redness around the affected area. They can also treat enlarged blood vessels resulting in redness. However, follow-up treatments require after some time to yield final results.

Lifestyle Changes & Skin Care

The best dermatologists in Dubai suggest making necessary changes in your life to help treat rosacea. With these changes, we can control rosacea and avoid any flare-ups.

Avoiding Triggers

For skin conditions like rosacea, there are always triggers. So, identify what flares up your skin and then avoid them at all costs.

Protecting the Face

Get sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above. Use it daily on the face, especially when leaving the house. Moreover, try to avoid excessive direct exposure to sunlight.

In other ways, you can also use hats, scarves, and caps to block sunlight from directly falling on the face.

Gentle Skin Care after Rosacea Treatment

If you have rosacea, gently handling your skin is recommended. You must not rub, scratch, or unnecessarily touch your skin. Rosacea makes the skin sensitive, so make sure they are for sensitive skin when choosing skincare products. You should also buy a non-soap cleanser for the face and moisturize a lot. Moreover, do not use products that contain alcohol.


Since the update in the guidelines for rosacea treatment, many new ways introduced. However, the best dermatologists prefer laser treatment for rosacea instead of other treatments. The effective results and safe procedure make laser treatment favored by dermatologists. Before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, make sure you know important details about it. Moreover, only choose an expert practitioner and a reputable clinic like Laser Skin Care for your treatment.

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