Have you ever overused vocabulary to look intelligent and smarter? It’s not just you. We all have been a part of it at some point in our lives until we’ve learned the right way. Researchers have examined and documented how most people use standards to judge the intelligence of others and try to appear smarter than they actually are. Even though many judgments are based on stereotypes, they still exist.

According to research by a professor of social psychology, who mainly focuses on how people form impressions of others, people enjoy taking shortcuts when forming people’s impressions. We frequently make immediate decisions and judgments based on quick cues without giving them much thought and time. 

But, a first impression is indeed something you get to do once. And the first meeting is always there in a person’s heart and memory, your dress, style, way of talking, body language, and all. So, you can look smart by maintaining good hygiene practices and posture while dressing in a neat and well-fitting attire that truly depicts the best womens dresses.

Some Essentials of Women’s Clothing and Other Personalized Features

Let’s talk about some essentials of women’s clothing and other personalized features to look smarter by grooming your personality.

Look Smart & Presentable By Wearing Well-Fitted and Nea Clothes!

  • Dress neat and appropriately by wearing well-fitted clothes(not too tight and not too baggy). If you choose to wear ripped, stained, and baggy clothes unluckily, they may make you look unprofessional and sloppy. 
  • Even though it has nothing to do with your intelligence and smartness, humans are masters at making quick assumptions and judgments about one another. So, make sure to make a good first impression. Find t-shirts, trousers, skirts, and maxi dresses (or whatever you like) that are well-fitted with the right size for you, neither too baggy nor too tight. 
  • Every so often, choose a button-down shirt rather than just wearing a t-shirt. 

Avoid Wearing Athletic Gear and Sweatpants Out and About!

  • Don’t go out in your gym wear and sweatpants. It is never the best option to make a good impression and definitely not a good way to look smarter. Of course, you can throw on sweatpants and t-shirts while lounging on the couch or working out. But when you are out in public, dress in skirts or jeans, or slacks to give yourself an added boost of confidence. You’ll not only appear more sophisticated, but you will also feel better and more organized, alert, and ready to give your best. 
  • If you are going to be working out later in the day, we recommend you bring the gym wear with you in a bag to change into later. Through this, you can maintain your professional appearance throughout the day. 

Put On Glasses For a Smarter Look!

Want to look smarter? Put on glasses!

  • While it is completely untrue, wearing glasses is such a popular pattern in literature, film, and television that many people automatically assume that you look smart when wearing glasses. If you want to wear corrective lenses, opt for glasses instead of contact lenses, as they could also improve your appearance and boost your image. 
  • If you adore wearing glasses but don’t actually need those to see, you can purchase fashion glasses having merely clear glass lenses. 

Be Expressive to Look Smarter!

  • You have undoubtedly heard of or even met people who speak loudly in an effort to look and sound smarter; to some extent, that tactic does work. But remember that the key is to vary your energy and volume to be a more expressive speaker and sound smarter. 
  • According to a communication professional, if two speakers say the same two words, but one says it a little louder and faster with very few pauses and higher variations in volume, that presenter will be judged to be more enthusiastic. They will be regarded as more intelligent, knowledgeable, energetic, and intelligent. If you have trouble understanding this, we recommend you watch a TED Talk. You’ll get it all in the best way.  

Invest in a Nice-looking Pair of Footwear to Complete the Look!

  • Complete your look by spending money on a stylish pair of shoes. It is said shoes are one of the foremost things people notice in a meeting. So, make that notice a pleasant one. Wearing a nice pair of shoes has nothing to do with investing more or less or wearing a branded or local one, high-heeled or flat, but complementary footwear. 
  • Opt for unscuffed and clean footwear that can go a long way to give you a smart appearance. Try experimenting with something a bit nicer, like fancier than sneakers, to upgrade your look.
  • Plus, when you are not working out, stay away from wearing running shoes in public or meetings. 

Maintain Personal Hygiene to Look Clean and Smell Fresh!

  • Keeping up and maintaining personal hygiene is a really essential part of looking smart and women’s clothing. Whenever you meet someone or pass by someone in a public place, your cleanliness and freshness make them turn their heads towards you just because you smell fresh with a nice fragrance. Your essential cleaning tasks include taking a shower daily and keeping and using a mouth freshener whenever you feel a weird mouth taste. Plus, brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and wearing deodorant is the key. 
  • You really do not need to wear heavy makeup or too much foundation, or a complicated hairstyle to look put together. But you do have to look after and take care of your body to look tidy and smell fresh. If you don’t get enough time to wash your hair someday, a braid is a rescuer! 
  • Make a braid to prevent them from looking greasy. 

Try to Practice an Upright, Straight Posture!

  • Practicing a lot to maintain a straight posture is one of the essentials for looking smarter and more attractive. Try standing with your shoulder back and maintain an upright and straight spine posture. Even if you spend a significant amount of time sitting down, you can still improve your body posture by sitting with the back arched slightly. And make sure to place your computer screen parallel to your eyes. 
  • A decent body posture makes you appear smarter because it gives you a confident look with a touch of professionalism. 
  • Plus, if you start practicing an upright straight posture, you’ll soon get rid of the back pain. 

A Good Eye-Contact While Speaking & Listening!

  • Continue looking into people’s eyes while speaking and listening to them. In other words, make good eye contact. This applies to both in-person talking and talking to a crowd. Your eye contact does it all, as people are more engaged with you. This makes it easy to convince people of the point that you are explaining. Making eye contact also boosts your confidence, and you already know that confidence is key to looking smart. 
  • If you do not feel comfortable making good eye contact, try practicing and looking at someone’s brows or the space in between their eyes. 
  • Remember that you don’t need to keep staring into somebody’s eyes the entire time you are talking to them. This might seem overly intense and weird as well. Instead, try making eye contact for just about five seconds. Then look away for something else and come back to look into their eyes again. 
  • When speaking, make sure to maintain eye contact about 50% of the time you’re talking while 70% of the time while listening. 

Wear Makeup(Not Too Much) for a Neat and Presentable Face Look!

  • There was a study conducted in which three types of women were judged by the people, where all participants had to rate the women on likeability, competence, attractiveness, and trustworthiness. There were women with minimal or no makeup looks, professional or moderate makeup looks, and glam makeup looks. Those who only glanced at the pictures gave higher ratings in all categories to women who wore any makeup
  • The glam makeup look got a positive response on competence and professionalism while the negative impact on trustworthiness as results says. So, the key to looking smart is going for a look and wearing makeup according to the situation. 
  • If you are going to a meeting where you are required to be collaborative, go for a light to moderate lip shade that isn’t too shiny. While wearing a shiny or deep lip shade will make it obvious to others that you’re in charge. 

Act Intelligent and Smarter by Listening more than Speaking! (Absorb Information)

Absorb information! Learn to listen more than you speak!

  • Listening to others with full concentration makes you a good listener and opens up many learning opportunities. You might be enticed to jump into a conversation to come off as smart by saying a bunch of made-up things, but, in reality, doing that makes you sound fake. 
  • If you are not well-informed about a subject, avoid making it obvious. Instead, listen. You will learn a lot. Then you can politely turn the conversation towards the subject or a topic that you are knowledgeable about. 
  • Don’t switch the subject to publicize or endorse yourself. Instead, naturally switch it to a topic you feel comfortable discussing. Like, “ oh, that suddenly reminded me of a discussion I had with my cousin earlier today. He has really nice and interesting hobbies.

Ask Meaningful and Insightful Questions!

  • Asking insightful questions is integral to the conversation and shows off your intelligence and smartness. Even if you do not comprehend much about the topic of conversation, you can still look smart and intelligent. Nobody is perfect, fully knowledgeable, and knows everything but the learning process continues forever. But smart people are skilled at posing thought-provoking questions that elevate a smaller chit-chat to a deeper, more meaningful conversation. 
  • For instance, if somebody is talking about their experience and exposure to something, it would be great for you. You can ask, “How do they feel like that experience influenced their way of interaction today with people?” Or if someone in front of you is talking about the book they’ve read recently and loved, you can ask, “What was the one thing you liked the most about this book, and is it worth reading for everyone just like it was for you?”

Read Books in a Crowd, While You’re Travelling, and Before bed!

  • Make your habit of reading a book on your way to work and before going to work. This might seem the easiest, but it will surely help you stand out in the crowd and differentiate you unique from other people. Many people believe that reading a book takes a lot of time, personal space, and that specific vibe. But there is no time dedicated to reading a book. You can take it in your handbag and read it whenever you get a few free minutes, like on your commute. 
  • In today’s world, where people still appreciate reading a book but are always found with their mobile phones using Instagram, TikTok, and more, a person among them reading a book attracts everyone’s attention. In line, on the train, on the bus, waiting for a friend to arrive, choose a genre you love, and it won’t feel like a chore but your comfort zone. 
  • You will not only look smart by reading a book out and about, but you’ll get to know more by exposing yourself to new ideas, words, and worlds. 
  • Plus, try to read a book before you head to sleep rather than watching television and using your mobile phone. Doing this will relax your brain before sleeping, which is better than watching moving pictures and bright lights. 

Keep Updated on the News For Interesting Information!

  • Read the news frequently and keep yourself updated so you don’t have trouble engaging yourself in an interesting debate or discussion. You don’t have to feel burdened about reading every page and each news of the newspaper. You can do so by glancing at the main headlines on your phone. 
  • This is just more than enough to start a smart-sounding conversation. Pick a topic you’re interested in and start by ”Did you hear about…?” Then, let the other person continue the rest of the discussion. Many news organizations provide podcast summaries of their daily news and headlines. So, if there isn’t enough time to read the headlines in detail, listen to the podcasts. 

Always Take Notes & Be Prepared with Your Homework to Look Intelligent and Smart in Class!

  • If you are a university/college student, what else would be better than taking notes and always being prepared with your tasks and homework to act smarter in front of the entire class? People are not really, by birth, much smarter; it’s more about preparation. Read out the next lesson and make notes while your teacher is talking.  
  • If you don’t understand the topic and feel hesitant to ask in front of all, mark that and reach out to the teacher after class. It signifies that you are a keen learner. 
  • Avoid talking about the test marks and grades with other students; you’ll seem like a grade-obsessed student, not smarter. Respond to those who ask about the grades as “I don’t prefer talking about the grades; I’m happy and satisfied about what I’ve performed. ”

Set Your Phone Aside & Take a Real Life Wisdom by Spending Time with Elders!

  • Spend time in deep and heart-to-heart conversations with people older than you, like your parents, grandmother, and father. Undoubtedly, they love us more than anyone in this world, so they’ll advise us best. Believe us; they have a lot to share with you, their wisdom, life experiences, and life stories as well. You’ll learn a lot, and people might start to think about you as wise and prudent beyond your years. 

All Summed Up!

A first impression is a chance we all get once in a lifetime, and if you are not presentable enough to make it a good one, it’s something to be embarrassed and worried about. It’s not as hard as you think it is. You have to do some basics to look your best.

Maintaining good hygiene, posture, and dressing in neat, clean, and well-fitting clothes. Build up your knowledge base to act intelligently, commenting only on topics and subjects you’re well-informed about.

Ask thought-provoking and insightful queries that show that you are eager to learn. People will perceive you favorably and positively if you act and look intelligent, which could open up several professional and social opportunities. So, go ahead!

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