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How can I control the bandwidth of the Tplink wireless modem?

Tplink wireless modem

The Tplink wireless modem is a well-built and superior networking device. This gives a more sufficient and satisfactory connection between your internet devices. To grasp the 2.4Ghz bandwidth connection over this modem you should only replace the settings of this internet device. To control the bandwidth speed of this modem and also pick up the numerous settings of this wireless device using its web management. Access the admin user interface of this modem using the internet explorer of your mobile phone. 

The bandwidth controlling feature of this wireless modem has made this network connection strength better and higher in comparison to previous. By using it you can also utilize your network connection all bandwidth with a proper limit and also optimize a load of this device internet connection sequentially. But to control the bandwidth of this internet modem you have to access its web interface page. Use tplinkmodem.net, to go on its user interface easily and control the settings of the internet connection. Login to the Tplink wireless modem with its login credentials or enjoy its bandwidth proper coverage after its setting replacement.

Steps to control the bandwidth of the Tplink wireless modem 

To utilize the modem bandwidth internet connection, you have to choose the specific bandwidth connection for your wireless computer. To maximize the limit of this wireless device or stop the load of this device then you can go into the web interface page. The web management page of this wireless device is controlled after going on its user interface or management page. Here are some points that are given for the management or controlling the bandwidth of the Tplink internet device. You can enable these features through its settings section and minimize its bandwidth load through its controlling section. 

Choose your needing bandwidth connection: 

If you are using the bandwidth network connection of this Tp-Link wireless device then it can permit you the independent bandwidth. After enabling the bandwidth connection of this connection to experience a reliable or safe Internet exposure. This also gives a more straightforward coverage attachment externally signifying modified network connection. It is provided by different users which are experiencing the corresponding router network connection.

Use the bandwidth of the Tplink wireless modem: 

To take the upstream bandwidth connection up to 512Mbps network connection and to use the 4 Mbps network connection through its downstream connection then you will go into settings. The settings of this internet router are moving after choosing the bandwidth control. Enable these features first and know your wireless enabling computers’ Ip address to provide the maximum or minimum bandwidth accordingly.

For using the bandwidth control features, you should also know the static IP address of this wireless modem. This status Ip address is most important for controlling or configuring the network setting of this wireless modem or router effortlessly. After this, you can also configure the reserve LAN IP address. So, to its configuration, you can just follow the below points regarding its easy configuration process.  

Configure the reserve IP LAN address of this device: 

To the configuration of the static reserve IP LAN address then you should, first of all, select its IP address or insert this IP in the web interface address bar. Surf or explore this address the login page of this modem is displayed on your PC screen with two basic credentials. Login to the Tplink internet modem and visit the administration setting section via its admin page. Take the settings section and replace it accordingly. Under the advance settings of this modem displays many settings from this setting you have to locate the bandwidth control.

You can now select the line type and also pick up the upstream and downstream bandwidth connection to take it. After this, select the bandwidth of both of their connections using your computer screen directions. Also, take that bandwidth that deliveres by this device. So, choose the bandwidth accordingly that is delivered by your internet service provider and lastly save it. 

Set some more settings of the Tplink wireless modem: 

After replacing the setting of the Tplink modem you have to choose the IP network range from its settings section. Also, manage furthermore settings of this device like changing the settings of the port network range connection. Choose the protocol connection priority, choose upstream or downstream. Lastly, choose the enable option that also displays on the computer screen. So, select this or enable the bandwidth to use or utilize the maximum network speed. 

Setting up TP-Link in Wi-Fi Repeater mode

With a TP-Link repeater, you can help the Wi-Fi signal for your Wi-Fi gadgets.

TL-WA5210G, TL-WA500G, TL-WA501G, TL-WA5110G, TL-WA701ND, TL-WA801ND, TL-WA901ND, TL-WA830RE, TL-WA730RE support access points via repeater mode.

Setting up a network card of the laptop or PC

  1. Open “Start”
  2. Go to “Control Panel”
  3. Go to” Network and Sharing Center”
  4. Select “Change adapter parameters”
  5. Right-click on “Local Area Connection” and left-click on “Properties”
  6. Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” and snap on “Properties”
  7. In the window that opens, select “Use the following IP address ” and indicate the IP address, Subnet Mask, and click “OK”.

Setting up the access point in Wi-Fi repeater mode

  1. Open Internet Explorer (or some other browser) and enter (default IP address)
  2. In the following window, type in username admin and password.
  3. Open Wireless menu
  4. Go to Wireless Settings and in the Operation Mode field: select Universal Repeater (or Range Extender).
  5. Click the Survey button, and in the window that seems, click Connect opposite the point to which we will connect.
  6. Save the settings by clicking Save, and click here to reboot the laptop or PC from that point forward.
  7. In the following window, click Reboot and wait that the laptop or PC will reboot.
  8. Now we need to configure the security settings. First, go to the Wireless → Wireless Security menu and select the type of encryption and password that is used on the router to which our TP-Link repeater is connected. In our case, we used WPA2-PSK encryption.
  9. After configuring the security settings, save the settings with the Save button and reboot.

Make sure that the repeater is associated with the router. Go to the Status menu and take the connection parameters. In the Name (SSID) field: the router to which the access point is connected, the Channel number, MAC Address, and other parameters should appear. Data packets should “run” in the Traffic Statistics field.

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