There’re multiple tasks of the marketing department which aren’t possible to manage by a person or even a marketing team.

However, they’re essential to getting the desired outcomes. To reach the right audience for the proprietary name, you need to put up more effort and have to waste much of your expenditure & time.

In addition to targeting a large number of people, you are incapable because you must manually send your proposal pitch to your large audience.

To deliver a personalized experience to your customer, you need to provide 24/7 support to customers, which are also not possible for a human being.

Using the “Marketing Automation” tool, you’ll become qualified to manage marketing tasks & will be capable of sending the proposal pitch to a large audience as well. It will perform all your marketing actions automatically.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a technology that manipulates your marketing department by executing every minor action with its automatic functionality.

The marketing tool will trim off all repetitive & multiple minor tasks, cover manual activities & finally give a better flow to your entire business.

How Helpful is the Marketing Automation?

  1. It helps you to send the discount offer SMS message on any occasion to your customer and potential customers.
  2. The marketing automation tool also covers daily social media posting activities and is also useful for creating and scheduling content.
  3. This tool will collect the customers’ data based on their activities using your website, targeted template, and also messages.
  4. It triggers a message to your subscribers, which is also very practical for keeping your customer engaged.
  5. Again, this platform is very helpful in scheduling the required time for sending emails to your prospects and customers. You are allowed to organize your email sending timing in an instant, hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly.
  6. Marketing automation sends reminders to those clients that have abandoned their carts.
  7. Marketers accept that they have saved 30% of their time using the marketing automation tool. So, It is helpful to save a fair amount of time by cutting off on repetitive assignments.
  8. Using the dashboard of this tool, you can track the journey of your emails. This purpose will let you know whether the email has been sent or not yet and also which email has been sent to which recipient.

Top Marketing Automation Tools of 2023

There are so many choices for every businessman that may eliminate all the marketing issues you are facing in operating your business. Here are the top marketing automation tools; you need to select the best one for your business.

Social Media Marketing Automation

The marketing automation tool is used to optimize marketing interactions. Also, beneficial to eliminate all the repetitive tasks such as scheduling posts, republishing popular articles, generating data analytics, basic customer service, etc.

It allows you to focus on other important tasks and creatively do them with a large amount of time.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools since 89% of marketers use this platform to cover their marketing workflow.

It automatically sends the right message template to the right customer at the right scheduled time. By sending the automatic email template, marketers can promote their brand voice and engage customers with their products.

CRM Automation

Using Customer Relationship Management for your marketing department may be extremely beneficial because it parses data from incoming emails & creates records for each of your customers.

Additionally, it will help you to easily understand your customers’ behavior from the saved details and eliminate wasted time.

Omni Channel Automation

The Omni channel marketing tool refers to a strategy that aims to provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Using the Omnichannel platform, all activities are allowed in a unified way across multiple channels.

Statistics of Marketing Automation Software:

  1. About 35% of marketers have accepted that this automating tool provides more leads and helps in business flow.
  2. 49% of users claim that Marketing automation is a time-saving tool by reducing repetitive activities.
  3. 49% of marketers assure that it makes marketing personalization possible and a customer-attractive tool.
  4. It is reported by 91% of marketers that this automating tool is essential for every business.
  5. Assured by 63% and 44% of marketers to show high benefits in the last six months and provide a good ROI in six months, respectively.
  6. Approved by 27% of businesspeople, the marketing strategy is reasonable in improving marketing and sales collaboration.

Have Some Examples For a Better Understanding of its use

Shippable messages & updates: At the time of purchasing online, the customer wants to know whether they have been ordered successfully or not.

Also, the expected date at which they will get their product. This kind of confirmation does matter to customers.

Moreover, it is not possible to send each confirmation manually, and delivery details to each customer after their purchase is confirmed. So, using this tool, you can send this kind of shippable message & compulsory updates.

Redeem Programs: Even the top and most successful companies do not have 100 percent customer loyalty and satisfaction.

However, you can surely strengthen your retention rate by automating your redemption programs to reconnect with your retired customers.

The entire process can be possible using the marketing automation tool in just a short period of time.

Welcome Emails: When a new customer is landed on your website, then you need to create loyalty. So, the first step is to send your customer a welcome email and maximize your first impression.

Using the marketing automation platform, you are able to realize your customer excited and give them a personalized experience.

Customer Onboarding: Same as the businessmen, customers, are also irate with much information. Marketing is not only acquiring customers but also loyalty.

So, you must realize your customer a better experience that can easily maintain engagement. And for better engagement, you have to send the message in their free time, which is only possible by setting a reminder.

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