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How to Choose the Color of Contact Lenses: A Beginner’s Guide

Choose the Color of Contact Lenses

Even though eyes only cover a small portion of our body, they make a significant impact. Some people also refer to them as the window to the soul. Hence, any enhancement to the eyes always appears noticeable and people detect every change. There are many ways to enhance the appearance of eyes, and a colored lens is one of them. However, many people find it confusing to choose the color of contact lenses according to their style. There are some aspects that you can consider before buying a pair of colored contact lenses. These points make your experience seamless and may take you out of your dilemma.

Casual Wear Lenses

If you want to wear colored lenses to work or study, you can choose a subtle shade. Look for a color close to the natural tone of your eyes to avoid making a bold statement. Also, choose a brand that offers monthly contact lenses so they can go easy on your pocket. Even though you can opt for daily wear lenses, they are a pricier option.

The subtle color of these casual contact lenses can boost your confidence and make you appear more composed. Apart from the tone, opt for contacts without a darker limbal ring for a more natural effect. Besides, the lenses with a small diameter are better for daily wear as compared to enlarged contacts.

Another tip for wearing casual lenses is to choose contacts with less opaque tints.

The fully pigmented lens can look more dramatic and bold. However, the semi-opaque colors maintain the soft look of the eyes while enhancing your natural color. People with dark eyes should opt for hazel and brown lenses. Meanwhile, light-colored eyes such as blue or green can opt for complementary shades like gray and purple.

Special Event Lenses

If you want to make a bold statement, opt for high-opacity lenses to transform your eyeshade. You can also go for contact with a large diameter to add an enlarged effect to your eyes. There are many vibrant and dramatic colors available in the market that go well for special occasions. Also, the dark limbal ring gives the eyes a doe-like look that many people admire.

People with a dark skin tone can wear bright and vibrant colored lenses. These shades draw more attention to the eyes because of the bold look. Also, these colors brighten their skin tone and help highlight the eyes. Some of these colors are blue, violet, and green. On the other hand, those with light skin color can go for dark lenses such as hazel, brown, and gray.

Match With Your Outfit

Another simple way to choose colored lenses is to match the color with your outfit. If you wear a monotone dress, then you can opt for lenses in the same shade. Moreover, some lenses come in a blend of two or more colors. These contacts can go well if you have more than one shade in your outfit.

If you do not want to match the lens color with the outfit, go for the brown-colored lenses. This contact lens shade is the most versatile and goes well with every dress. Besides, it is perfect to wear during the day or at night. However, if you want a more glamorous effect, then wear hazel lenses for more impact. Even though this color is similar to the brown shade, the light hazel tone makes the eyes pop more.

The undertones of the lenses also play a role in determining eye color. For instance, shades like gray have a cool undertone and brown has a warm undertone. You can match the undertone of your outfit and your lenses for a more put-together look.

Complement with Skin Tone and Hair Color

People with a fair skin tone can flaunt almost any shade of colored lenses. The same goes for those who have dark hair. Nearly all shades complement light skin tone and dark hair. However, some shades will look the best on people who have a fair complexion. Such people can wear bright-colored lenses such as blue, green, and violet. These shades add a brightening effect and enhance the skin color even more.

People with medium complexion can wear shades on the darker side of the spectrum. These include brown, hazel, and gray. Meanwhile, those with a dark complexion can opt for warm colors such as dark green or deep brown.

If you are still confused about choosing the lenses, you can select a shade that complements your hair color. The trick is the same as for skin tone. Those with light blonde hair can go for bright lenses such as blues and violets. However, with medium and dark-colored hair, people can flaunt any warm shade.

Brand of Contact Lenses

Once you select the desired color, the next step is choosing the right brand of contacts for you. There are many colored contact lenses available in the cosmetic industry that offer versatile shades. However, Dahab lenses are the ideal choice for beginners. This brand offers a diverse range of shades that look natural in the eyes. Besides, they have a soft and comfortable texture that does not irritate the eyes.

Many people choose Dahab contact lenses because of their wide selection of colors. You can buy any color from the collections depending on your choice. Besides, they offer an affordable Dahab lenses price in Pakistan. Hence, they do not burn a hole in your pocket and still make you look fashionable.

The process of buying lenses can overwhelm most people because of the number of options available in the market. Meanwhile, you can use this guide as a starting point before searching for the ideal pair for you. The best way to purchase any lenses is to choose a shade you will feel comfortable wearing. In this way, your money will not go to waste and you will get enough use out of your lenses. Overall, buying colored lenses can be fun once you are familiar with the color options and types of lenses.

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