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How to Distinguish Natural Leather from Artificial?

Types of leather

Everything is much easier than it might seem at first glance. In pursuit of big money, manufacturers of small and huge and world-famous brands have come up with many types of leather substitutes, and they are called by who in what. Now we will teach you to understand this, and you can easily bring an unscrupulous seller to clean water, who claims that the leather is real. He is trying to push some low-quality but very similar to natural leatherette Go.

Pressed Leather

What is Pressed Leather?

Pressed leather is, firstly, not leather, but leatherette. They take cheap scraps of leather, all kinds of dust, sawdust, shavings, and other rubbish, treated with special compounds and glued under pressure and temperature. And it can be compared to particleboard and solid wood.

What will last longer and what is cheaper? The answer is obvious. Such belts are extremely unstable to stress, external environment and fall apart after six months of operation. They make very good money on them since they are cheap to manufacture, and it is difficult to distinguish them from the real ones.

How to tell?

As a rule, pressed leather from the outside and the inside is sheathed with a thin layer of natural leather, which is called “split”. These belts are very beautiful, glossy, smooth, and literally shine. But the holes into which the buckle is fastened are extremely difficult to sheathe from the inside.

Look closely at them, and you will see “layers” of pressed leather. They may differ in shades. There is always only one uniform layer in a genuine leather belt. If the belt is extremely beautiful and attractive, it is usually ordinary pressed leather, trimmed on top with a camouflage layer of beauty.


What is Eco Leather?

Eco-leather is one of the varieties of leatherette. In fact, it is a fabric cloth covered with a polyurethane layer. Like any imitation leather, eco-leather does not last long, cracks, wrinkles, and generally behaves ugly.

How to tell?

The easiest way to distinguish eco-leather from real is to set it on fire. But not always holding the product in your hands, it is possible to engage in the ignition. Therefore, we will consider another way – to inspect the edges of the product. Or slices – to whom it is more convenient to name.

If the leather itself does not give the impression of being natural for the rest of the features, which we will consider below, and the sections are colored, most likely you are holding a product made of eco or pressed leather in your hands. Try to wrinkle it – there will never be traces of bending on genuine leather (unless, of course, you twist it into a ram’s horn), and wrinkles and dents will remain on unnatural leather.

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