How To Draw A Cube

How To Draw A Cube. The cube is a shape that we see in one form or another almost every day of our lives. This six-sided 3D shape can craft everything from ice cubes and bricks to soap bars and wooden blocks. Since we see cubes of one shape or another almost every day, you might think it would be very easy to draw one from memory.

However, this can be harder than it looks due to the need to create a 3D shape on a 2D surface. Nevertheless, it can be easier than you feel if you learn what to do! We’ve made this guide on how to remove a cube in 6 easy steps to make it more leisurely than ever! You can draw many more characters like easy goku drawing, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

For this guide on how to draw a cube, we will build the 3D shape using 2D squares and rectangles. Due to the way, we are going to draw this cube, in the early stages you should try to use a lighter pencil to draw as it will take a lot of erasing before drawing the final shape. We’ll be sure to let you know when would be a good time to start using a darker pen or pencil later in the guide! For this guide, it will be much easier if you have a ruler to use. To start the process, simply draw a square that has sides of equal length.

Step 2:

To continue building your cube drawing, we’ll draw another square. This square should be the same size as the previous one you drew, so this is another step where using a ruler to measure the sides of the first square would be very helpful. The contact image will give you a good view of where to place these two squares behind the foremost. You will know you have the correct positioning if a small perfect square forms at the intersection of the two. Getting the positioning right can be a bit tough, but that’s why we’re operating a pencil for now!

Step 3:

We have a much easier step for this part of our focus on how to remove a cube. Utilizing your ruler, simply draw a line between the top two intersections of the two courts. That’s all there is to this step, so let’s move on to step 4!

Step 4:

Continuing from the previous step of drawing your cube, we will add more lines to connect the sides of the cube. For this step, just connect the sides to the right of the shape and make sure it looks like the reference image. Once you’ve drawn these lines, the skeleton of your cube is already in place, and in the next step, we’ll focus on finishing the final shape.

Step 5:

In this fifth step of our guide on how to draw a cube, we will focus on erasing unnecessary lines and on the last lines with a pen. To do this, simply erase the two inner lines of the square that will be on the back of your cube, leaving the two outer ones intact. Again, the reference image will help you ensure that you are erasing the correct lines. With those lines erased, you’re left with one cube! However, you are not ready to start coloring it yet, because you have to go over all the rough pencil lines with a marker pen or pencil. If you use a pen to go through it, you should wait a few moments for the ink to dry before erasing excess pencil lines. Once you’ve drawn the final lines and erased the pencil, you’re good to go!

Step 6:

Now that you’ve reached the last step, that means you already have a great cube drawing in front of you! Although this is already something to be scornful of, you can bring it a step further with gorgeous colors. You have many options to consider when it comes to coloring this cube. You can try drawing a textured surface for your cube. For example, you can use lines and shades of brown to make it look like wood.

Perhaps you could even try to make it glance like a melting ice cube! By erasing and adding a few lines, you could even make it look like a box, maybe the one a loving cat is playing in! If you color it like a regular cube, the reference image we provided will help you to shade the shape with your colors. What are you going to choose for your cube design?

Finished Drawing!

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