How to Elevate Instagram Post For Your Small Business

Small businesses struggle to grow as they have a limited reach, but when promoting your business on Instagram, know that it will grow. Just use the proper techniques. More than seventy percent of marketers promote their small businesses through Instagram. Many are seeing the potential Instagram has, especially for small startups. Therefore, more business people are using Instagram to elevate their posts. 

Why is Instagram a better option for your small business 

Instagram holds a plethora of opportunities for small businesses. It Assists small businesses in finding out relevant services 

Sharing links

You can use the landing page approach on Instagram if your business grows by sharing numerous links with customers. You can do that by using several available tools that allow you to link to the landing bio page. You can design a landing page with clickable links for all your posts. 

This way, you can call traffic to your recent posts. Small businesses can elevate their posts by sharing essential information with all the customers through a link in the bio. 

Geotagging your posts

Geotagging allows you to add the original location of your small setup. 

How can geotagging help you elevate your Instagram post

When you add your small business location name to your Instagram posts, all of your posts become consistent with one another. If you didn’t use geotagging feature on your previous posts, you could do it now. Geotagging will help you organize your Instagram page by assembling all the identical location posts. 

This way, the posts will appear on the top and be shown to the maximum number of customers.

How do customers benefit from geotagging 

If your small business is a food business, customers can browse and see your food post in the recommendation section with your location. 

Notice your competitors

If you want to elevate your Instagram post, be alert of competitors’ customers. Your competitor’s customers can one day become your customers. Send them the link to your recent post. 

Content pillars 

Posting behind-the-scenes content gives your audience an idea of what will come. Such content pillars motivate the audience to wait for the product launch. 

Content pillars to elevate your post

Posting the following content can access you in elevating your post.

  • Posting content that shows how you package and prepare the product Behind-the-scenes
  • Make Polls
  • Initiate Giveaways
  • Post tutorials on how to correctly use the products.
  • Share customer feedback and experiences 
  • Positivity and exercises 

Types of Instagram posts

There are five ways to post on Instagram 

  1. Regular posting by just uploading the picture of your product: To date, this is the most used type. 
  2. Posting on Instagram Stories: Instagram stories stay for 24 hours. They are best for product reviews.
  3. Going live on Instagram: You can see live comments of people on Instagram lives. Take suggestions too. 
  4. Making Reels: Instagram reels are 60 seconds long. They are the best way of attracting customers, as you can merge photos and videos. 
  5. IGTV: You can upload up to 60 minutes lengthy videos if your Instagram is certified. Such uploads are suitable for product demonstrations and tutorials.

Hashtag your post

Using hashtags can access you in finding your target customers. Moreover, when you use hashtags in your Instagram post, it will be visible to many viewers. 

How to use hashtags

Think of common words people use in their search bar. Do it yourself and notice the famous hashtags. You can also find the number of posts based on one hashtag and go for the hashtag posted below a million.

Best place to add hashtags 

Adding hashtags to your captions can make your post visible to many potential customers. By this, you can earn more followers. 

Hashtags for a local business 

If your business is a local setup, use hashtags according to your surroundings so that people can easily find your post.

Instagram Carousels

Instagram carousels are like a comprehensive photo book. Such posts have a number of videos and photos, making them visible to all your followers to view more than once.

You can also make the most attractive by removing the video’s background and pictures you upload. Making use of free photo background remover can help to elevate your boring posts.


To elevate your Instagram post, you need to have some goals. Stick to your goals and see the updates Instagram is undergoing.

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