Are you already a member of Threads? Or are you looking to join the crowd? You’ll have to start from scratch on Threads if you want to grow your audience. Threads are linked to Instagram, so you can recoup a part of your Instagram audience as they sign up for the new platform. Even with this, it will still take some time to build a strong Threads following.

Threads offer creators a unique opportunity to build and reach a whole new audience while also offering new content and ways of engaging their current audience. Since Threads is still in its early stages, now’s the time to grow your following. You’ll be on your way toward Thread success if you can carve a niche for yourself and create a space that is unique on the app during its infancy.

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1. Posting memes

Everyone loves memes. Everyone loves memes. Memes are a great way to spread virally on social media. They’re easy to share, and they allow you to reach a new audience. It is also relatively easy to make memes, which means they will bring more followers in less time than any other form of content.

A thread, a text-based application that integrates video and photo, is ideal for creating memes. Play around and be creative with how you use photos, video, and text together. You might create the most popular meme of this week. You could even create a meme that will live forever in the Hall of Fame.

2. Unfiltered and candid images to share

Threads have a much less polished look than Instagram. Text-based Threads allow creators to feel less pressure to produce polished visuals, especially those who use Instagram.

Use your Threads profile to share candid, unfiltered photos. These are the images that never made it onto the Instagram grid and didn’t even make it through photo editing apps. Your existing followers are sure to love this authentic, raw content. That’s not the only thing. Forbes says that “being authentic and real can help you build a stronger connection with your audience.” In other words: authenticity is what drives engagement. We all know that more engagement on social media means more followers.

3. Post behind-the-scenes content

You can also take advantage of the casual atmosphere by sharing behind-the-scenes content. Everybody loves to see behind the curtain. Your audience, no matter what your niche is, will love to see how your content comes together.

Shared behind-the-scenes content can also be a great way to optimize your content creation, giving you twice as much content with the same time and effort. It’s like getting two for one. The types of BTS you can produce are limitless. Are you a beauty blogger? Send us some photos of your makeup products for the next tutorial. Do you prefer video? Add a couple of bloopers on your threads page.

4. You can share a sneak preview

What about sneaking a peak at upcoming works? The raw and spontaneous feel of Threads makes it an ideal platform for artists to showcase their works or give their fans a sneak peek.

Share a sneak peek of your future work with existing audiences. This could be a video clip, an excerpt from a song or artwork, or even a prototype of a digital product. This hype generates engagement and, with more engagement, your post is more likely to be displayed on the home page of other users.

It’s also a good way to encourage your audience on other social media channels to join you in the Threads app. Let your followers know that they can get a sneak preview of your upcoming work on Threads by posting on other social media channels.

5. Tag Someone

Threads allow you to start conversations by tagging other users in your posts. Obtaining new followers is a great method to expand your reach.

Ask a celebrity or public figure a question by posting a topic and tagging them. You will gain new fans and followers from their responses. Lia Haberman, an influencer marketing specialist has provided a great example:

Use the Threads tag feature to find potential fans in your audience. This can be done by initiating conversations with public figures and content creators within your niche. The conversation, in addition to forming new relationships with other creators who share your interests, will also help you to reach an audience that is more likely to engage and follow you.

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6. Ask your audience a question

Threads were designed for engagement. The platform’s conversational thread format allows creators to engage their audiences.

You can engage your audience in a conversation by answering their questions. You can ask a question about any topic — whether it’s current events, your preferences or would-you Rather’s. Just make sure you do so with the intent of starting a discussion. The replies of your followers will reveal the profile you have to their audiences. If your post is well-received, you may be able to see it boosted in other users’ feeds. Expanding your reach will allow you to connect with a wider audience.

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