Sell Ticketmaster Tickets on Stubhub

Selling your Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub can be a convenient way to transfer tickets you can’t use or want to sell at a different price. StubHub is one of the most popular ticket resale platforms, offering a marketplace for buyers and sellers. To successfully transfer your tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub, follow this step-by-step guide. How to Sell Ticketmaster Tickets on Stubhub?

Understanding Ticket Resale Platforms

Ticketmaster vs. StubHub

Before selling your tickets, it’s essential to differentiate between Ticketmaster and StubHub. Ticketmaster is a primary ticket seller, while StubHub is a secondary ticket marketplace. Ticketmaster sells tickets directly from the event organizer, while StubHub allows individuals to sell their tickets to other fans.

Why Sell on StubHub?

StubHub offers a wider audience and flexibility in pricing. You can often set your ticket prices on StubHub, whereas Ticketmaster may limit pricing options for resold tickets. Additionally, StubHub provides a user-friendly platform for listing and selling tickets. Sell Ticketmaster Tickets on Stubhub

Preparing You How to Sell Ticketmaster Tickets on StubHub

1. Check Ticketmaster Policies

Review Ticketmaster’s policies on ticket resale. Ticketmaster may have specific rules and restrictions on transferring tickets to third-party platforms like StubHub.

2. Verify Ticket Eligibility for Resale

Ensure your tickets are eligible for resale on StubHub. Some tickets, especially those for restricted events or certain types of seats, may not be transferable.

3. Gather Ticket Information

Collect all necessary information about your tickets, including the event name, date, section, row, and seat numbers. Having accurate details will make the listing process smoother.

Creating a StubHub Seller Account

1. Visit StubHub’s Website

Access the StubHub website (stubhub com) to create a seller account.

2. Register or Sign In

If you already have a StubHub account, sign in. Otherwise, complete the registration process, providing the required information.

3. Set Up Payment Information

Link your payment method to your StubHub account. This is crucial to receive payments for ticket sales.

Listing Your Tickets on StubHub

1. Begin the Listing Process

Navigate to the “Sell Tickets” section on StubHub. This will initiate the ticket listing process.

2. Enter Ticket Details

Provide the event details and select the tickets you want to sell. Enter accurate information, including the section, row, and seat numbers.

3. Set Your Ticket Price

Set a competitive price for your tickets based on market demand. StubHub provides pricing guidance, but you have the final say on the price.

4. Specify Delivery Options

Choose how you’ll deliver the tickets to the buyer. Options may include mobile transfer, electronic delivery, or physical ticket shipment.

5. Submit Your Listing

Review your listing and submit it to make your tickets available for purchase on StubHub.

Transferring Tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub

1. Download or Print Your Tickets

Retrieve your Ticketmaster tickets by downloading and saving them to your device or by printing physical copies.

2. StubHub’s Mobile Ticket Entry

If your tickets are mobile entry, you can often transfer them directly within the StubHub app. Follow the on-screen instructions for this process.

3. Uploading PDF Tickets

For PDF tickets, you may need to upload the ticket files to StubHub during the listing process. Ensure you follow StubHub’s guidelines for file format and size.

Managing Your StubHub Listings

1. Monitor Your Listings

Regularly check your StubHub account to monitor the status of your listings. This includes tracking views, potential buyers, and sales.

2. Adjust Prices and Availability

If your tickets aren’t selling, consider adjusting the price to attract buyers. You can also update the availability of your tickets as needed.

3. Fulfill Ticket Sales

When your tickets sell, promptly fulfill the order as per the chosen delivery method.

Completing the Ticketmaster Ticket Transfer on Stubhub Process

1. StubHub’s Ticket Guarantee

StubHub offers a guarantee to both buyers and sellers, ensuring the validity of tickets. Familiarize yourself with this guarantee to understand your responsibilities. how to transfer tickets from Ticketmaster to stubhub?

2. Handling Customer Inquiries

Be responsive to buyer inquiries and provide any necessary information promptly.

3. Ticket Transfer Finalization

Ensure that the ticket transfer is completed according to StubHub’s instructions. This may involve confirming the transfer within the platform or providing necessary codes or access.

Receiving Payment

1. Payment Processing

After the event date passes, StubHub will process your payment. This typically takes a few days. Be patient, and the funds will be transferred to your linked payment method.

2. Payment Options

StubHub offers various payment options, including direct deposit to your bank account or a mailed check. Select the option that suits you best.

Ticketmaster Ticket Transfer Troubleshooting

1. Common Issues and Solutions

If you encounter problems during the Ticketmaster ticket transfer process or have issues with your listing, consult StubHub’s help center for solutions.

2. Customer Support

If problems persist, contact StubHub’s customer support for assistance. They can provide guidance and resolve issues.


Selling Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub can be a convenient way to recoup your investment or help other fans attend events. By following this comprehensive guide, you can navigate the process smoothly, from preparing your tickets to receiving payment, ensuring a successful ticket transfer from Ticketmaster to StubHub. Remember to stay informed about platform policies and always prioritize transparency and communication with buyers for a positive selling experience.

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