Salesforce is among the most popular and powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Its extensive features and customization options have become an essential tool for many businesses. But you cannot survive in the market for long without a proficient salesforce developer. 

Choosing the Salesforce developer doesn’t end your work; you must ensure they work according to the project requirements. In the competitive industry, the salesforce developer doing the best for your company is key to success.

If you struggle to prepare your Salesforce developer for success. Keep reading the article; we will help you make the most from your Salesforce Developer from day one.

Responsibilities of Salesforce developers

First, talk about a Salesforce Developer’s roles and responsibilities. A business should hire dedicated Salesforce Developer:

  • Responsible for designing, developing, and implementing customized solutions within the Salesforce platform
  • Who also handles data migration, system integration, and application development within the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • One important aspect of Salesforce development is that it is primarily a declarative platform. This means that many tasks can be achieved using clicks instead of code. 

However, a Salesforce Developer must be proficient in Apex, a programming language specifically designed for the Salesforce platform, to handle complex customizations. To develop efficient and scalable solutions, they must understand object-oriented programming, database concepts, and security practices.

Skills required to become a Salesforce developer

  • A strong foundation in Salesforce administration is essential. Understanding how to navigate and configure the Salesforce platform is crucial to develop it effectively. 
  • Salesforce offers various certifications, such as Salesforce Certified Administrator and Advanced Administrator, to validate your knowledge and enhance your career prospects.
  • Knowledge of databases and SQL is also important for Salesforce Developers. 
  • They need to understand how data is stored within Salesforce and be capable of writing efficient queries to retrieve and manipulate data. This helps in data migration, cleansing, and creating reports and dashboards within the platform.
  • Hire Salesforce Developers who possess strong problem-solving and analytical skills. They need to analyze business requirements, propose appropriate solutions, and troubleshoot issues that may arise during development. 

Steps to ensure a smooth and productive start to prepare Salesforce developers for success 

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Salesforce Ecosystem

Before starting the journey to prepare a Salesforce developer, it is essential to familiarize them with the Salesforce ecosystem. Understanding the different clouds, products, and services that Salesforce offers will help them comprehend the capabilities and limitations of the platform. Explore the Salesforce website, read documentation, watch tutorials, and attend online training sessions. The more they know about the Salesforce ecosystem, the better equipped they will be to utilize its features most effectively.

  • Set Up a Salesforce Developer Edition Org

Salesforce provides a free Developer Edition org that is the perfect playground for developers to experiment, learn, and build applications. Setting up a Developer Edition org is easy. They only need a valid email address. 

This org comes with full access to most Salesforce features and functionality. Spend time exploring the org, creating test records, and getting familiar with the available objects and tools. It’s a safe environment to make mistakes and learn from them.

  • Download Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio Code

Salesforce provides an official set of extensions for Visual Studio Code, a popular code editor many developers use. These extensions offer powerful tools for Salesforce development, such as code navigation, auto-completion, and debugging. Install the Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio Code to enhance the developer experience and streamline the workflow from day one.

  • Get to Know the Salesforce Data Model

Understanding the Salesforce data model is crucial for successful development. Familiarize them with objects, records, fields, relationships, and data types. 

Learn about the standard objects and fields available out of the box and how to create custom objects and fields. Explore the different types of relationships and how to handle them in your code. A solid understanding of the data model will help them design efficient and effective solutions.

  • Learn Apex, the Salesforce Programming Language

Apex is the programming language used for custom development on the Salesforce platform. It is similar to Java and C#, making learning relatively easy if you have experience in object-oriented programming. Salesforce provides comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and trailhead modules to help you start with Apex. Take advantage of these resources to gain a solid foundation in the language and its features.

  • Explore the Salesforce app exchange.

The Salesforce app exchange is an online marketplace that hosts thousands of applications, components, and integrations built on the Salesforce platform. 

Exploring the app exchange will give them insight into the third-party solutions available and how they can enhance the development process. They may find pre-built components or applications that can be leveraged to accelerate the development or provide inspiration for the projects.

  • Embrace Continuous Learning

The Salesforce platform continually evolves with new features, updates, and releases. To stay at the top of your game, embrace continuous learning. Make it a habit to read release notes, attend webinars, and follow Salesforce blogs and podcasts. 

Joining user groups and attending local or virtual events will expose you to new techniques, best practices, and real-world experiences from other Salesforce developers. 

Continuous learning will ensure developers stay up-to-date and deliver the best solutions for the clients or organization.

Factors to consider while hiring a Salesforce developer

When it comes to the hiring of a salesforce developer, several factors are there that should be considered. The Salesforce platform is a powerful one that can assist your business in improving customer and streamlining processes. But to leverage the abilities of Salesforce, there is a need for a dedicated developer ready to meet all the business requirements and customize accordingly.

  • Experienced: Hire salesforce developer with great experience and expertise to work on the platform. They should understand different salesforce products and be familiar with various changes in development tools and programming languages.
  • Customization capabilities: There may be a need for customization and integration in the business to meet the requirements. Therefore, the sales force developer must develop great integration and customization capabilities. The developer should know to use decorative features like validation rooms, custom objects, and workflows.
  • Certifications: Salesforce provides certain certification that possesses the knowledge and skills of developers. Make sure to choose the developer having relevant certifications along with the best practices and latest sales force features. 
  • Problem-solving abilities: A dedicated Salesforce developer should possess strong problem-solving abilities. They should be able to analyze and troubleshoot issues that arise during the development or implementation process. Look for proactive developers in identifying potential problems and providing innovative solutions.
  • Communication skills: Hire salesforce developer having great collaboration and communication skills. They should be able to communicate efficiently with the stakeholders, offer regular updates on the project status, and understand the overall needs.

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