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How to Setup Wireless Repeater by Using Myrepeater Web Address?

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Myrepeater.net works like a URL. It is a common address that redirects you to the configuration page of your wireless repeater. Sometimes when users want to access the configuration page using wireless mode in any other network, it can show you technical errors. So it will work like a web address for the same repeater. It will take you to the admin login page. If you want to open web access, then you just need to connect your device with repeater wireless or wired.

Then type myrepeater.net in the URL box and search it. A new configuration page will appear, so we can say that this is just a web address used to access the configuration page. But sometimes, due to many reasons, you can face issues.

Be sure that the IP Address you are using is correct and disable the VPN if you use it. So to solve slow or dead zone problems, you can use a wireless n repeater in your house to extend your existing network.

How to set up a wireless repeater using myrepeater?

Suppose you live in a big house, and the network is not properly available in your room. In that case, you can set up a wireless n repeater that allows you a very high-speed internet connection by covering all the dead zones areas in your house. You can easily set up your repeater by using myrepeater.net. Here are some simple steps that you can follow.

The setup process can be done in two ways by using a WPS button or via online browsing. To complete the setup via an online browser, here are common and simple steps.

WPS Method

At first, plug your extender adaptor into the nearest location of your router. Make sure that the router is in proper range or wireless repeater. And power “ON” your repeater, and on the backside of your repeater, a small “WPS” button is available; just press it for 5 seconds and release it. The connection will automatically establish between your router and repeater.

Be sure that the time gap of pressing the WPS button is not more than 2 minutes.

Wireless repeater setup with Online browsing

Using an online browser, you can easily complete the setup just need to power “ON” your repeater. Place it near the router and connect your repeater via ethernet cable. In your smartphone, enable the WI-FI option and search for nearby networks.

After completing the scanning process, you will get a list of all nearby networks; just tap on your network and connect with it. After connecting, launching any browser, and in the URL box, type http //myrepeater.net login and search it. You will redirect to a new login page where you need to input login credentials, type “Admin” in both fields, and hit on “Login.”

A wireless repeater is not working?

This kind of issue can be raise due to many reasons, so here are some simple steps.

  • Check if the LAN ethernet cable is connected correctly or not. And check the wires are not damaged. Maybe your web browser is unable to open the web address. So type the default IP Address of your repeater in the search bar and try again.
  • Check whether the internet is working or not. Maybe your internet package is finished, so check and renew it.
  • If the problem is still not solved, check if your browser version is updated. If not, then update it from the play store. Clear all the history of your web browser, and after relaunching the browser, check by typing myrepeater.net admin may it start work.
  • If you are using any VPN to hide internet activity, disable it until you can access the configuration page. Due to VPN, this kind of problem also can occur.
  • Still, the problem is not solved? Then you need to reset your repeater. A small reset “button” is available; just press it for 5 seconds and release it. Your repeater will enter the factory reset mode. After resetting, you need to reconfigure your repeater again.

By using these instructions, you can easily solve myrepeater.net’s not working problem.

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