A virtual property show is an online event that uses different digital tools to give the interested customers a holistic view of the villa, luxurious apartments, or bungalows. To earn boosted sales or leave an impactful impression on the attendees, make sure to choose the top online property expo platform that can accommodate the needs of your event and business.

To make it more precise, let us help you with some useful tips and ideas that can help you stand out at your online property show;

Know the goals of your virtual property show

Now that you have decided to host an online property fair, identify the same goals. Are you hosting this to gain more brand value, obtain more leads, or increase the sales of your event. Make sure to understand the objectives clearly, to begin with, effective planning.

Understand your target audience

The host needs to understand the event’s potential attendees and their expectations. A deeper understanding of the same will help you plan and execute the events more successfully.

With clear objectives, it becomes even simpler to include event-specific features and tools that can increase the ROI of your property show and drive sustainable growth.

User-friendly interface

Platforms that require complicated set-ups or installations are sure to hamper the platform experience of the audience. So, make sure to include clearly labeled rooms, lounges, or halls that will help people know precisely about each of them. Also, you can include video tutorials or guidebooks that clearly understand how to use the platform.

Include a 360-degree virtual tour

If you can recreate the experiences of a physical property show, that is the best you can do to make the event super successful. So, look for virtual event solutions that can give a 360-degree view to the buyers. Also, it becomes easier for the real estate developer to give a clear view of the property interiors, amenities, and outside views to the online attendees.

Make the most of the live chat tool.

If organizers can make room for real-time interaction between the exhibitors and attendees, you can automatically make the property show more valuable and unique. Via live chat, audio, and video functions, it becomes easier to discuss the property location, price, value, and features. You can also integrate a secure payment option on the platform to close deals if everything goes well between the buyer and seller.

Document sharing and downloading

Exhibitor booths are the means for sponsors to provide more information about the property to the attendees. Hence, you can completely customize these booths during a virtual real estate expo.

You can add the option of content sharing and download, giving the feel of an on-site physical property expo. It will allow attendees to view and download the property brochures, layouts, images, catalogs, video tours, property maps & blueprints, real estate information sheets, and more.

Include networking opportunities

Networking is one of the vital aspects of why any sponsor or attendee would join the virtual property expo. So, give them more opportunities to stay on the platform. You can include;

AI matchmaking tool: will enable attendees and exhibitors to connect based on mutual likes and interests. Therefore, it will help save ample time and effort for the real estate buyer and developer.

Business card exchange function: If two people find everything feasible, they can exchange their business cards to ensure leads are not missed.

B2B meetings scheduler: If attendees and exhibitors want, they can also decide to fix a date and time post the event when both of them would be available to connect.

Chat rooms & meeting rooms: Keeping separate rooms for people to interact or chat are means to increase the dwell time of the audience on the platform. Try including both private and group chat options to increase audience engagement.

Make your sponsors feel profited.

Exhibitors are the means to increase the ROI of your event. So, you can create dynamic banners that will enhance the visibility of their brand logo, content, and services. You can include eye-catching graphics, GIFs, and images to add more impact.

Detailed reporting and insights

Look for virtual property show platforms that can help event organizers with a comprehensive record of the digital footprint. Messages exchanged between a buyer and exhibitor, the number of exhibitor booths visited, content downloaded, and more.

With this profound understanding, learning about the event’s success becomes easier. It will also help you know if you can meet the expectations of your target audience. Also, the key metrics become even simpler through these detailed analytics tracking.

Back it with 24/7 customer support

For a flawless execution, try supporting your event with strong technical and customer support. Including a mindful support team will provide immediate help to virtual attendees in case they face issues during the joining process or while the event is live.

Security features

With the property show happening virtually, check who has the event’s access and can attend the event. Make use of protected passwords and secure links for the attendees to join. It will assure the audience that their data is safe and secure with the platform. It is a feature that virtual event platforms should include, so remember wisely to choose your venue.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of virtual event platforms left behind those days when you had to travel to several places to finalize your dream property. Today, you can attend the online property fairs from any desired location.

These virtual property fairs let you check if the available properties match your budget, requirements, and priorities. So, be very thoughtful while organizing a property expo needing global attendees remotely.

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