I Call it Fitness | A HealthCare Guide For Men

You can not change your genetics down the journey of life, but you can take care of your health to lower the risk of developing serious health conditions. 

A common perception of seeming healthy is being healthy is a wrong insight. Although one seems healthy, one has to get regular medical checkups and annual screenings to track his health. 

Here is a little guide to follow in each stage of life to keep an eye on your heart health and live each stage to the fullest. 


Your 20s and 30s are generally the stages of life with the lowest health issues. Yet you must care better for yourself to decrease the health odds later. 

A healthy regime to follow in these years include:

  • Cutting down on stress and getting enough rest
  • Using sunscreen daily and reducing the sun exposure
  • Avoid tobacco and smoking (specifically second-hand smoking)
  • Cutting down alcohol
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and body
  • Using the barrier method during intercourse
  • Always wearing a seatbelt while in a car

It is recommended to get an annual checkup to know about your healthcare concerns even if you don’t feel any need. Till the age of 50, a medical checkup once or twice a year is a prerequisite for avoiding chronic diseases. 

A yearly health checkup includes:

  1. Body Mass Index
  2. Cholesterol
  3. Blood Pressure
  4. Skin health

Many young men suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental health affairs. Annual checks are a good chance to discuss this with your doctor if you are going through this. 

It is also recommended that everyone from age 14-63 should have one regular HIV test.


  • Is my body mass index (BMI) good?
  • Recommendations to improve my overall health.
  • Is there any high chance of developing serious health issues? 
  • Suggestions for any specific screening test or vaccines?

Preventive measures in the ’20s and ’30s:

  • For every 24 months, get your teeth checked
  • Make sure your vaccines are updated
  • Get your annual medical checkup
  • One mandatory eyesight checkup in your ’20s and twice in your 30s
  • Get an STD checkup every time you have unprotected sex 
  • Start your once-a-day multivitamins 

Preventive Care in your 40’s:

As you age, weight gain is more common these days. Unfortunately, weight gain also increases the risk of high cholesterol; and blood pressure. Developing good health healthcare like exercising regularly or eating a balanced diet will help you save from this. 

Also, when you have a habit of regular checkups, your healthcare provider can assess your future health risks and help you to avoid them. They also get the test for medical issues you don’t even know.

Questions To Ask In Your 40’s:

  • Is my blood pressure within a healthy domain?
  • Is my heart healthy?
  • Recommendation of additional screening tests?
  • Is my sugar and lipid level standard?

Preventive Health in the ’40s:

  • Test your blood pressure annually
  • Check your cholesterol level regularly 
  • Screening test for type 2 diabetes 

If you don’t have any serious health issues, you can visit your doctor once every 2-3 years. However, men above the age of 50 should visit the doctor every year for annual screenings. 

To live a healthy and active life, you must break unhealthy habits. You should stop smoking, drinking, and use of any illicit drugs. Eating a balanced meal with vitamins and minerals will save you from illness in the long term. You can also benefit from taking multivitamins or other supplements. 

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