Purchasing or renting a house requires a lot of details. No, we are not talking about the paperwork and further documentation, but we are talking about the other aspects that are very important when buying or renting a house.

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Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Type Of House

Today, there are various types of houses available no matter where you go. From a small studio apartment to a huge mansion, you have a lot to decide on which kind of house you want to live in. And if you are buying the home, then you need to be very clear with this decision because once you buy the house, you will have to live in it permanently.

Reputation Of The Building

Reputation is an important aspect that you need to check in an early stage. To avoid any types of legal issues and residential troubles, you recommend that you check the reputation of the building, builders, and promoters. Do a background check on them to determine whether or not the property is valid and free of legal issues.

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Size Of The House

Once you have decided upon the type of house, now it’s time to decide upon the size of the house. To help you with this decision, ask yourself this simple question, how big is too big?

Once you start finding the answer to this question, you will have some follow-up questions such as budget, members of the family, a guest room, etc. These will help you decide on how big your house should be.


When buying an apartment, you need to understand one thing that will surely be beneficial when purchasing. Depending on which floor the apartment is on, its price gets affected. For instance, the apartment on the corner of the 10th floor will have a higher price than the same apartment on the 1st floor. Keep that in mind; you may be paying a few extra bucks just because of the floor rise.


Of course, what is a modern house without amenities? You may come across many buildings that provide you with a lot of amenities such as a gym, spa, sauna, hot tubs, swimming pools, pavilions, lawn tennis court, and many more. These amenities will increase the price, so you need to ask yourself whether you need all these amenities?

If not, then there is no point in paying extra money for something you will never use.

If yes, then find the building with amenities you will use, such as a gym or swimming pool.


You must be thinking about what a location has to do with a house. Well, the area is among the most important aspects of buying a house. Firstly, the vicinity must be good, because how would you feel coming out of a beautiful house and having to pass by slums every day? Or having to travel a long distance for hours just to get to the office or get your kids to and from school?

Does not sound pleasant whatsoever, right. So choose a location that is pleasant from the outside and has everything at convenience.

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