It’s CES season again, and you’re probably wondering the meaning – it’s the time to showcase some fun and quirky technology, including ROBOTS!

The leader for the show at CES 2022 will be LG with its exhibit that focuses on “today’s innovations for a better tomorrow” and includes the big delivery robot. We’re all to see LG performing robots again, particularly in light of the LG Robot CLOi continued issues at CES 2018. LG is back with the robots, It seems.

LG is likely to reveal some more products on display at CES 2022, which starts at 7 am January 4, PST (about 3 am on Wednesday, AEDT); however, for the moment, there are several new announcements (in addition to the handful of additional tech items LG has announced earlier in the week).

LG’s main goal this year is to improve your lifestyle through technology and technology. The Livestream will feature a video-produced film titled The More Optimistic Life For You, which will be shown along with the other announcements made during the LG Livestream. You can watch LG’s live stream of CES 2022 if you’d like to view it here.

As part of this short film, a variety of gadgets will be shown by LG, which includes a standing fan, a door-to-door delivery robotic, a personal portable display, and a mobile workspace (that’s an odd one we’ll explore). Let’s dive in.

LG’s new door-to-door robot

Robots at CES 2022? Yes. LG will showcase the new “CLOi” door-to-door delivery robot at CES 2022. The robot is being prepped for “roll into service”. It’s got a cute design and appears to have plenty of liters of storage capacity, moving on wheels, and has what appears to be a huge antenna that extends out to the side.

The goal is close-range deliveries; however, we’re excited to see the robot in the field. Does this robot fall and fail, as did the 2018 model? We’ll need to wait and look into it, but for the moment, it appears to be the shape of a cube with wheels. It’s a bit like WALL-E. It would be nothing without the zany robots.

LG’s brand new displays

So far, LG has revealed two stunning new models as an element of CES 2022. The first is a traditional LG OLED TV, dubbed”the “LG OLED Evo Gallery Edition TV” It has an elegant design without sacrificing image clarity or quality. The model featured in photographs of the press release is certainly large.

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The other screen is called “LG StanbyME” (actual name). It was unveiled in December, but we’ll see an inside look during CES 2022. It appears that the display has changed slightly since the reveal in December, but it’s mostly the same model that is a portable display that can go wherever and run wirelessly.

LG Mobility Concept Solution LG Mobility Concept Solution

One of the more bizarre items we’re going to share with the world from LG’s CES announcements includes the LG Omnipod, which is it’s a mobile lounge, entertainment center, or home office that is designed for mobile use.

It’s a device concept designed to blur the line between home and automobile, providing us with an idea of a futuristic vehicle. It’s similar to what’s inside the LG Connected Car concept shown at CES 2020, but just as it was back, it’s a mere idea.

The Omnipod is expected to become an office that isn’t the office. It’s been shown off in photographs of the press conference at a campsite that even includes what appears like a minibar. This is a bizarre concept, but I’m entirely in support of it. So, come on, LG.

Source: Gizmodo

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