Set up farms to get useful materials and then automate them. This is just one of many fun things you can do in basic Minecraft. Engineering and tech mods go a lot further by adding new kinds of power, circuits, futuristic tech, and automation that works better.

Some of these mods add huge companies and systems that change everything about Minecraft, while others just make the original game more fun and useful. You can get as deep into engineering as you want with mods that cover everything from nuclear power plants to the internet.

Refined Storage

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Late-game players may rely on an Enderchest full of Shulker Boxes to store their most important and used items. But what if you didn’t have to search the End to get to this level of storage? Early to mid-game players can use Refined Storage to connect to a huge network of storage that can be opened from anywhere in the world. By making Disc Drives, Grids, and Controllers, the player can link chests together and store a huge number of things.

It can even be used as a built-in sorter, with things that are more important being put on certain Discs first. To put around your base All of this can be linked with cables, but for long distances, Network Transmitters and Receivers make it possible to carry everything with you in your bag.

Tinker’s Construct

image 61

This mod is part of many bigger modpacks because it lets you change a lot of things without getting in the way of Minecraft. Tinker’s Construct adds a lot of new ores and other things that can be melted in the new furnace. Players can mix and match parts to make their perfect tool set by stenciling the heads and handles of tools on casts.

There are both good and bad things about each material. For example, Pigiron can drop Bacon when the tool is used, and Blue Slime can make more Slimes. There’s even an optional boss called King Slime that can sometimes appear on the slime islands that move through the sky.

Applied Energistics 2

image 62

Items in Minecraft like Gold, Redstone, and Diamonds cost a lot when you use Applied Energistics 2 mod. You’ll also have to spend a lot of time mining stars to find Skystone Chests. These chests contain four Presses, which are needed to make the Circuits you need.

After a long time of gathering resources, you’ll eventually be able to use machines that can sort and store thousands of things and can even be set up to build whole factories on their own.

That’s right, Applied Energistics 2 will do the rest after you’ve done the initial work. It even works well with other mods that add new things to cook your meals and heal your crystals. You should be ready to take a short training on how to code and wire a computer because you’ll be living in the circuitry.

Red Power 2

image 63

This tech mod is made up of four main parts, and each one gives you a different type of engineering. You need to play the Core module before you can play any of the others because it adds many blocks, such as Alloy Furnaces. There is a Digital section that adds to the basic Redstone and lets you build with Redstone signals in a lot more complex ways. This includes logic systems with only one block for people who know how to code.

Red Power 2 shows that engineering isn’t just for tools through bioengineering. The work you put into keeping your crops in a controlled environment will pay off, and having more sorting methods will make it easy to store food. If you use this mod, you can make mountains produce more power, since fossil fuels are so last century.

Thermal Expansion

image 64

All of the mods in the Thermal Series are based on the original Thermal Foundation mod. This mod adds the necessary ores and tools to the rest of the pack. The main mod that builds on the Foundation is Thermal Expansion, which lets you make energy in the form of Redstone Flux.

A lot of this mod’s features involve automating tasks, like growing crops very well while retaining fertilizer, making powerful potions, and even picking up things after itself to keep the factory floor clean.

This world is different from the others because it’s easy to get into from another world. Each machine, like pickaxes, has different levels, and as you naturally move through the world, you can unlock higher levels with more benefits. You can also use the Redstone Flux energy to power things in your inventory and charge your devices wirelessly.

GregTech 6

image 65

Instead of just adding some ores and powerful tools, GregTech takes vanilla Minecraft and changes everything about it. This mod changes graphics and recipes and fixes things that make life better in Minecraft so that you can enjoy it more. In the same way that the Thermal series has a series of levels, GregTech has a series of Ages that go from foraging to power.

In later stages, GregTech gets into pretty advanced Geochemistry, using real-life methods like Presulfate Washing and Magnetic Separation. These parts aren’t for the faint of heart. Bioengineering lets you make new seeds and crossbreed them, which doesn’t make farming easier.

Industrial Craft 2

image 66

Shouldn’t there be a jetpack in Minecraft when it’s set in the Industrial Age?Industrial Craft has a variety of jetpacks that can do a lot of different things, like charge your power tools or shoot pellets from the sky. Night vision goggles and Hazmat suits are two more really cool gadgets. When worn together, they protect you from all the threats in the world.

Industrial Craft 2 has added normal automation as well as a small robot that can do all of your mining for you. This robot can tell the difference between blocks and give you the ones you asked for through an item sorting system. This game has eight natural ways to make power, such as solar and thermoelectric. It also has teleportation pads for you and other people.

There’s beer and coffee in this mod, so you can kick back and watch the industrial change happen.


image 67

Mekanism is one of the best mods that was put together. Mekanism makes it easy to get into technology in Minecraft. Its tiered methods of technology are easy to use, and it comes with a robot pet named Robit.

The Metallurgic Infuser is the main crafting GUI you’ll need to make. From there, it’s pretty easy to find the recipes for other tools. You have to deal with atoms and gases, which makes Eggy Car more realistic, but not so much that it melts your brain.

It’s possible to build cool tools like SCUBA suits, Atomic Disassemblers, Walkie Talkies, and more Jetpacks. Players are encouraged to make their own stores because machines work best when set up in a factory-like way. Robit can also be used as a furnace and a sewing bench, and it will pick up your stuff for you.

Immersive Engineering

image 70

When you start something new, it’s always nice to have a guidebook and a big hammer nearby. Immersive Engineering has both. The Engineer’s Manual tells you how to use the machines and play with the cool toys that are waiting for you. The hammer can be used to set up groups of tools and make multiblocks. A group of new people is ready to help you if you feel like you need it. They have useful items and are willing to trade.

The mod is easy to get to at any time, and there are different levels of difficulty and power to work through. You can work toward getting a working revolver, a gun turret, and a chemtrown tower for those times when you really don’t want anyone to come over.

Ender IO

image 68

This mod adds technology to Minecraft with a touch of magic, or whatever it is that drives the End. A lot of what makes this mod fun comes from the way it teleports items, people, and mobs between dimensions, like Endermen. Ender IO automates many tasks and smelts new ores. It also adds Obelisks, each of which has its own special function, like blocking teleportation in a certain area or saving a lot of experience.

There are also new drink effects, Epic Squid, and Wither Cats in this tech mod, as well as Powered Spawners that make farming enemies and their loot much more efficient.

Create Mod

image 69

Create is a steam-powered mod that lets your production dreams run wild. It has one of the smoothest and most beautiful tech packs you could ever think. With cogs, brass pipes, and conveyor belts, you can build huge factories that sort through a wide range of brand-new things in a way that vanilla Minecraft has never been able to do.

Should you not be interested in factories, how about beautifully built train cars with cranes and grabbers to move any goods they may be carrying? If going over ground is too boring, there are lifts that can take you from Y-65 to the top of the building. The mod is currently at version 1.20.1. Get a real bird’s-eye view by making gondolas and riding them over your work.


image 71

Traincraft is a game for people who really want to get into trains and other big cars. You can choose your best train model from more than 80 available. The user interface for this mod is beautifully made, making it very easy to load tracks, switch tracks, and connect your caboose.

Since 2011, people have been working on this mod, and new changes are always being made. For example, bridge blocks let you cross huge gaps or even the ocean. Make famous places in your world, like the Golden Gate Bridge in California or the Kintai Bridge in Japan.

Extreme Reactors

image 72

Extreme Reactors is one of the most scientifically correct mods for Minecraft. It comes with a variety of coolants to try and more complicated configurations to get right. This mod really gets into the details of nuclear power, and if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll need to take the time to fully understand what you’re doing.

It’s going to be necessary to dig for new ores, keep the temperature stable, and neutralize the waste. There are a lot of things you can do with all this power, though. This modpack works well with many other engineering and tech packs. There is no end to it.

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