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Most Different Famous Types of Diamond Bracelets in London

different famous types of diamond bracelets

London is the home of the biggest jewelry hub known as Hatton Garden. This place is famous for its gemstone jewelry, especially diamonds. You can find a wide variety of diamond bracelets in various stores in London. Let us check out some of the types of bracelets you can find.

Diamond tennis bracelet

The diamond tennis bracelet is one of the most famous and eternally loved varieties of cultured diamonds bracelets in London and throughout the world. It is an eternity bracelet with a thin metal band fully covered with diamonds.

The band isn’t visible, and it looks as though the diamonds are holding themselves together to form a beautiful circle around your wrist. How this bracelet came to be known as the diamond tennis bracelet is quite interesting. In 1987, tennis player Chris Evert was playing a tournament wearing this bracelet during the U.S. Open.

It flew from her hand during her service, and she stopped the game from looking for it and didn’t resume until it was eventually found. Since then, the bracelet has become known as the diamond tennis bracelet.

Charm bracelet

Everyone knows charm bracelets. Right from teenage girls to grown women, the charm bracelets fascinate all. It is a delicate bracelet with a bendable metal band, more like a small loopy chain.

The chain has a tiny diamond pendant attached to it. Depending on the wearer’s preference, the pendant could be of any design, shape, or size. It gives the bracelet the look of a delicate necklace and adds to the grace of the hands.

Bangle bracelet

Next up is the bangle bracelet found at Hatton Garden Jewellers. Unlike the chain of the charm bracelet, the band of this bracelet is hard as a metal bangle. It can be clasped to join the ends or just worn over the top of the hands.

The bangle bracelet can be half or fully studded. It can also have just a few diamonds on the top side. The more the diamonds, the higher the price. This type of bracelet is sturdy and can be used daily. It goes with all kinds of formal and informal outfits.

Solitaire bracelet

The solitaire bracelet is much like the solitaire ring. It has a single large diamond that sits atop your wrist. Since the band is visible for most of the bracelet, it is usually patterned or textured to add more beauty to the whole design.

Some variations in this design include the bigger solitaire surrounded by smaller stones to make it look like it is being lifted higher. The solitaire bracelet is available in various colors and can be mixed and matched with metals such as gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, titanium, etc.

Twisted band bracelet

The twisted band bracelet focuses more on the band and less on the diamond studs. It has two bands of metal that twist upon each other and are filled with diamond studs to make it look like a chunkier piece of jewelry than it is.

This is a statement item worn for cocktail parties, evening dinners, or big events where one needs to dress up well. With this bracelet, you won’t need to wear a ring as it will take away from its look.

Final Thoughts

These were just some of the basic designs that we commonly see around us. But in reality, the number of designs is limitless as creativity knows no bounds.

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