The television market is progressive. This market is always in disbalance. The TV market always changes its face to many factors, like a new player’s entrance into the market, branding, market offers, and digitalization; besides, consumers’ expectations and daily usage habits are changing day by day. Moreover, mobile media consumers are going rapidly.

Media concept is changing their definition day by day. The television industry needs to change their fundamental. Streaming platforms are not a typical place for consuming movies and tv shows. They are investing and understand the needs. Now they are making their films and web shows.

What is OTT?

OTT means “Over The Top”. OTT platform gives you your content through the internet. They don’t need any cable, satellite, or broadcaster. They are distributors and controllers of content. In simple language, any streaming service you get through the internet is OTT.

There are many OTT platforms available in the world and in India. Many global pliers like Netflix and Amazon are available easily. Moreover, many regional players like ZEE5 and Voot are available in thy market also. You can also get especially animated OTT platforms like the 9anime app.

Why does OTT Capture The Market?

There are so many reasons that increase the number of subscribers and growth factors for OTT. Here are some reasons we are going to discuss.

Easy To Handle

One of the finest functions of OTT is it’s easy to handle and more time to adopt. Here no need for any satellite tv or any broadcaster. You are ready to start if you have a mobile phone and an active internet connection.

Progressive Era

There’s no need for wires and big boxes in this progressive age where the internet is the future. In addition, 5G is knocking. And the OTT industry regularly updates itself. This increases its consumer exponentially.

Wisdom to Choose

In your free time, you need a relaxed content that chills you. In the OTT platform, you will get this. If you love fictional content, you get it. If you want non-fiction, you will also get it. A versatile of content is available. You will get what you want.

Pocket Friendly

Day by day, technology develops. In this developing technology era internet, it is becoming more and more affordable. It’s become easier for the general section of people. Ott platform has risen because of affordability. People can consume desired content.

A Perfect Platform For Student & Higher Income Earners

An online streaming platform is the best solution for students and high earners. They just have a limited amount of time and access to television. So their best solution is an online platform, which gives them adequate content in a limited time.

The Lockdown Period

The lockdown period added fuel to the flames. After lockdown, the viewership of OTT is exponentially gaining. At this time internet is the most needful thing. The more people connect with the internet, the more people join the online streaming platform.


Is the OTT platform ruling the media industry? If this is your question, our answer will be it seems like it will happen. But we can not say it will 100% happen because they can change their model and come back stronger.

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