End of the Smartphone Era BlackBerry Phones in 2022

End of BlackBerry Phones

BlackBerry phones that run BlackBerry 7.1 and BlackBerry 10 will stop functioning on January 4, 2022. BlackBerry shut down its offerings to BlackBerry 7.1 and BlackBerry 10 devices on January 4th. The company has been informing its users. While not surprising, closing BlackBerry software and services on the devices is the beginning of the smartphone era. The shutdown means that the...

Astronomical: Mysterious Dusty Object Discovered

Mysterious Dusty Object

Mysterious dusty object discovered by an astronomical object in the distance. In contrast to comets with dust - which are likely to disintegrate quickly - the object is intact despite being able to shed an immense quantity of material. Astronomers have observed a mysteriously dusty object that orbits an astronomical object far away. Although the object could be an astronomical binary system,...

LG Is Back in the Robot Game for CES 2022 With Power

LG Robot Game

It's CES season again, and you're probably wondering the meaning - it's the time to showcase some fun and quirky technology, including ROBOTS! The leader for the show at CES 2022 will be LG with its exhibit that focuses on "today's innovations for a better tomorrow" and includes the big delivery robot. We're all to see LG performing robots again,...

Everything You Need to Know About Pii Email 5b2bf020001f0bc2e4f3

Pii Email 5b2bf020001f0bc2e4f3

Receiving and sending messages has never been so easy because of Microsoft Outlook. It can be used both as an email client and a webmail client. It's incredibly flexible. There are pros and cons to both kinds of software. We're not going to discuss the details of it. However, it is essential to use your password and user ID to...

Big Daddy Weave bassist Jay Weaver Dies from COVID-19

Big Daddy Weave bassist Jay Weaver Dies

Jay Weaver, the co-founding member and bassist of contemporary Christian group Big Daddy Weave died Sunday from complications from COVID-19. The band's label that is based in Nashville, Curb Records, confirmed Weaver's death in a statement on Monday morning. He was 42. "We are devastated by this loss and trust the Lord to guide us through this difficult time," the statement...

New Snow: Colorado Resorts are Plagued by Massive Problems

Colorado Resorts are Plagued

The Colorado ski areas got 3-10 feet of snow during the Christmas season as a welcome treat after an unseasonably dry beginning into the winter season. The news is on the move: Crested Butte reported 99 inches during the nine-day storm cycle. OpenSnow, the meteorologist who founded the organization Joel Gratz, reports. The average snowpack in the state is currently at...

9 Things to Do Before Sitting for Meditation Session

Meditation Session

Tired of the daily grind and want some moments of peace and quiet? Want to take up a relaxing activity? How about meditation? Meditation is one of the most powerful yogic techniques that offers you various mental and physical health benefits. Whether you want to disconnect from everyday noise or reconnect with yourself, meditation helps you do both. Is meditation for...

Y2K22 Bug Stops Exchange Mail Delivery: Engine Stumbles in 2022

Y2K22 Bug Stops Exchange Mail Delivery

Administration of On-Premises Exchange Server systems, which were on standby at the beginning of the year, was shocked at midnight (more specifically: January 1, 2022, at the time was 00:00 UTC). Since suddenly, numerous Exchange servers have been unable to transport mail. A post about this issue and a reference to the reason quickly spread across Twitter. Converting the data...

Impractical Jokers: Joe Gatto Leaves Comedy Show

Joe Gatto Leaves Comedy Show

Joe Gatto, one of the original members of the comedy duo The Tenderloins and stars of the prank program on TruTV "Impractical Jokers," has announced that he will be leaving The Tenderloins group. Gatto announced the announcement on Friday night, declaring that he and his wife had split and would like to focus on co-parenting his kids. "Sorry in advance for...

What is Proposal and Where to Watch Streaming on Netflix in 2022?

Streaming on Netflix

In the romantic comedy, Sandra Bullock is one of the many queens of this genre, appearing in numerous romantic comedies throughout her long career. One of Bullock's most memorable romantic comedy films is 2009's breakout success, The Proposal, which saw her playing opposite Ryan Reynolds as a high-powered book editor who fakes a proposal to the assistant (Reynolds) to try to avoid...