Pilates Should Be Part of Your 2023 Health Resolutions

New year’s resolutions include health and fitness improvements. This is why many of us make health and fitness-related resolutions every January. Reduce stress and strengthen the entire body in pregnant women; aid in injury prevention and recovery; increase core strength; boost stability and peripheral mobility in the active aging population. There is proper body alignment and posture correction that is needed for the daily working of the body. With regular pilates, you can get back the lost vigour in your body. 

Pilates is essential for and should be a priority in your training because of “establishing a solid physical foundation,” as PJ O’Clair, a Master Instructor Trainer, puts it.

Improves both muscular endurance and range of motion

Pilates is one of the best methods to build strength and mobility, and it’s easy to see why.

Adjusts your body to a more favorable position

Weak muscles and sore shoulders or back might be to blame for your reclined position. Pilates is a great way to retrain your body and develop those long-neglected postural muscles so you can finally sit up straight.

You’ll be able to act with composure and honesty once you have that recipe. The phrase “if it isn’t lovely, it isn’t Pilates” is another of PJ O’Clair’s pithy sayings.

Increases self-awareness

Pilates facilitates a more attuned mind-body connection during physical activity. Movement with awareness is at the heart of Pilates.

Concise and productive

To start a fitness resolve might be difficult and scary if you have never exercised before. Pilates is great for gradual routine implementation. You may ease into Pilates by doing mat work and then on to Reformer exercises when ready. You can devote a certain amount of time every day to get the best best benefits of pilates. 

1. Set  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound Goals

Making your objective too broad is a certain way to get yourself down. 

  • To reduce weight, you need a plan, and a general goal like “I want to lose weight” just won’t cut it. More success may be had in pursuing and achieving one’s goals if they are more defined.
  • Goals should be measurable so that progress may be monitored.
  • Make sure your objectives are realistic and within your reach, if you need to shed 100 pounds before you can run an Iron Man, good luck with that!
  • Ensure your objectives align with your values and aspirations rather than what you “should” do or what you think other people want you to achieve.
  • Pilates also keeps your movement intact for many years. You remain free from rheumatoid arthritis and a host of other diseases when you go through regular pilates.

2. Jot down your aspirations.

To increase the likelihood of success in achieving one’s objectives, it is recommended that one write down one’s plans.

3. Goal-tracking is just as essential.

Be careful to keep tabs on the things that truly matter to you, whether you’re keeping a digital or analog journal, an Excel spreadsheet, or an app.

  • Weight loss or gain
  • Dimensional shifts in terms of inches
  • The way you feel after a workout
  • Changes in time, mass, and distance

3. Find a friend to hold you both accountable.

Having someone to hold you accountable is a great way to stay on track. When it’s dark and chilly outdoors, motivating yourself to get out of bed for a workout might be tough.

4. Fulfill body needs

Willpower alone won’t get you to your fitness objectives. You need real, physical strength, which in turn necessitates eating. See a nutritionist if you need help with a meal plan or figuring out how much protein you should be eating. 

5. Occasionally shake things up

Put aside some time every week to assess how you’re doing. Tired of working out? If that’s the case, maybe it’s time for a change. 

6. Put money into energizing fitness programs.

Results won’t come if you don’t love the work.


When it comes to general health and fitness, Pilates is an excellent exercise option. It has been shown to alleviate stress and tension while also enhancing suppleness, strength, balance, and posture. If you’re serious about getting healthy and active in 2023, then you should definitely add Pilates to your New Year’s resolutions.

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