What is Pinterest marketing?

Pinterest offers an excellent opportunity to market your business like other social media platforms. You must follow a social media marketing strategy to reach a new audience. Spread brand awareness through the visual content platform Pinterest.

You can reach a new audience and make an impactful online presence through Pinterest. You can influence through your consistent business pins. It increases the number of your followers and drives more traffic to your business or e-commerce website.

Increased organic traffic encourages the conversion rate and boosts sales. The final goal of Pinterest marketing is to push business sales.

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing?

5 Fruitful marketing strategies for your business

Make a Smart Goal

Like other marketing strategies, you must make visual marketing goals for Pinterest. So, it begins by creating a social media strategy for Pinterest.

Don’t just jump; make a plan and go ahead. It is essential to have a clear idea of your requirement. You may want to attend X amount of traffic on your website or Y amount of sales from your Pinterest profile.

How to make Pinterest marketing goal:

  • Make smart goals. Your goal should be measurable, achievable, and relevant to your business.
  • The goal should be achieved within a stipulated time.
  • Know about your general Pinterest audience and their demographics. It will help you to understand the requirements and buying motivation.
  • Consider your competitive brands and their marketing strategy on social media platforms.
  • Plan and implement on-brand content for Pinterest and add them to the social media content calendar.
  • Once you have set a clear goal, you are good to go!

Pin captivate & engaging content on your Pinterest profile

Pinterest is an image-based platform. Hence, you have to share high-quality, engaging image-based content to increase the number of followers. Visual content should be relevant to your products and services.

How to make a fascinating pin?

Vertical imagery: The image should be mobile-friendly. Data tells that 80% of users browse the Pinterest platform through their mobile phones. Crop your pictures in a 2:3 aspect ratio, and make the Pinterest picture mobile perfect.

Pinterest always recommends adding the highest quality pictures and videos to avoid pixelation. Write good descriptions above the image; an excellent descriptive copy encourages followers to click your website link. You can optimize your description with keywords to make it more SEO-friendly.

You must include catchy headlines to reinforce your visual text. Add a logo to your pin as the brand identity. Ensure the given links are not broken because broken links do not help your brand.

Check whether the link with your Pinterest pin goes with 404 errors. The loading time of your link should be less to provide pinners with an excellent user experience.

Consistency and daily pinning is the simplest and most most effective way to boost your followers. Consistent pinning ensures your content reaches a high number of audiences.

Plan your board carefully

Major Pinterest searches (up to 97% ) are unbranded. However, if you plan your brand cautiously, your pin will be accessible to new pinners looking for specific topics or want to know about particular things.

You have to make practical and skillful full visual posts. Make inspiring content boards with a promotional approach.

For example, Aveeno has promoted its products through Pinterest boards, but they also maintain other Pinterest boards related to its audience’s interests and requirements.

SEO-optimize your pin

Pinterest is also a Google-like search engine, so make your pin search engine optimized. Make sure your pins are easy to find in search. Put the right keywords in your pin, and create an informational description. Don’t forget to put relevant hashtags. Do not post copied visual content or image. Your company should uniquely design the image. It affects the Pinterest SEO score.

Promote your Pinterest profile

Promote your Pinterest profile to increase the number of followers. Ensure your followers from other social media platforms are informed about your business Pinterest account. Promote your Pinterest account in multiple ways:

  • Link your business Pinterest profile with your company website
  • Include the link in your email signature
  • Promote the link of your Pinterest account on your business page of other social channels. The process is called the cross-promotional activity.
  • Distribute the updates of the Pinterest profile through the company newsletter and and email alerts.
  • Pinterest advertising reach is super impressive.

Pinners discover new brands through Pinterest. Pinterest analytics shows that both numbers of pinners and boards have been increasing over the years. It is because people know the effectiveness of Pinterest’s reach and marketing.

The platform is super effective if your business focuses on where the audience loves to use Pinterest. As it is a visual platform, it attracts women and creative-minded men. Artists and designers follow Pinterest for new ideas. This visual content platform is famous in the makeup and cosmetic industry.

If you want to start your start-up, you should advertise your brand on different social media platforms. Take the help of digital marketing company India to follow effective social media marketing practices.

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