Powerful Ways To Eliminating Dead Zone With Wavlink Range Extender

The Wavlink extender is the latest new technology 802.11ac wifi range extender. The 802.11ac is 3× faster as compared to the 802.11n speed.

The 802.11ac wireless network technology delivers a faster and more powerful network throughout the home. This extender extends the existing wireless network coverage with the ultimate speed.

The Wavlink wireless extender delivers ultimate wireless network coverage with an AC speed of 1200 Mbps.

This extender comes with a dual-band network frequency, and then it operates in two networking bands, 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz.

The Wavlink range extender says to google the weak wifi network signal, and no more dead zone is there in the home. You can enjoy a smooth internet while working from home / working online / telecommuting.

The Wavlink wifi dual-band range extender has 4×3 dbi external antennas. This antenna is undoubtedly powerful. With the external antennas, the wifi dead zone is automatically eliminated in every home corner.

The setup of the Wavlink dual-band extender is not difficult; you can just input ap.setup in the browser. Then the setup wizard is prompted. Afterwards, do the setup.

Powerful point of eliminating wifi dead zone with the wavlink range extender

The wavlink extender is the solution for covering a large area and interrupted signal. This extender/repeater delivers the ultimate wireless sepsis of AC1200 Mbps.

With this speed, you seamlessly enjoy the wifi network without any lag. You can follow powerful points to eliminate the wifi dead zone.

Superfast wifi AC speed 1200 Mbps

The Wavlink wireless range extender delivers extremely superfast wifi network speed. The wireless network speed of this range extender is 1200 Mbps.

Suppose you want to enjoy the wifi without any interruption. That means you can fully enjoy the gaming console and install the Wavlink range extender in the home.

After that, connect your game console networking device to the range extender. Then, you seamlessly enjoy gaming without any weak signal.

The 1200 Mbps eliminates the wifi dead zone or interrupted signal. This extender is a wide network solution for all the wifi five routers.

Extremely high performance with external 3dbi antennas

The Wavlink dual-band range extender comes with 802.11ac networking technology. This technology is superior compared to the 802.11n networking technology.

The 802 .11av technology is three times faster than the 802.11ac technology. The Wavlink range extender has built-in four external antennas.

This antenna is adjustable and has 3dbi antennas. With these antennas, the extender delivers a high-performance network.

The external antennas create the new wireless network signal and automatically eliminate the wifi network zone in the corner of the whole home.

Simple Installation of wavlink range extender

The installation of the Wavlink wireless dual-band extender is simple. You can unbox the extender into its packaging box. After that, utilize all the components.

To install the wifi range extender, no cable or CD is required. You only need a WPS button. You can connect your Wavlink wifi range extender to the power supply.

After connecting the range extender to the power supply, ensure the place of your range extender. You can place the extender closer to the wifi router.

Then, just press the WPS button of your Wavlink range extender and then press the button of your router’s WPS button. Then it would help if you verified the LED status. If the LED is green, then the installation is finished.

Change the location of your Wavlink Wifi Extender.

You can verify the location if the Wavlink range extender does not deliver a stable wifi network. Maye, the location of your range extender is incorrect.

It would be best to place the range extender in the cool and dry if your extender is placed in an overheating source.

Then, you instantly modify the place. After that, your extender works very well. Even if your extender is further away from the router, it will not work well or eliminate the wifi dead zone. So for this, you should keep the extender very close to the existing router.

Update the Wavlink Range Extender firmware to the latest version

You can update the firmware to the latest version to eliminate the wifi dead zone. To update the firmware to the latest version, you can launch the web interface on your networking device. Then you can just enter the IP address. Then you get the login page.

To log in to the extender, you should know the login details. Now, you can log in to the extender with login details. Then just click the option firmware update. After that, update the firmware to the latest version with a new firmware file.

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